What to do About Cancellations?

What to do About Cancellations?


They rate up there in the same annoying category as Donald Trumps sweeping statements.


They can turn a busy list into a stop start day

They can reduce your revenue for a session to the im getting steak on the way home to, I hope i can cover the rent

So what do we do about them?

Just accept they are part of business life as a healthcare profession?

Here’s a little sum that I did for cancellations at the clinic

Let’s say 1 client just one cancels each week

They would have attended an average of 3 more sessions

We work 45 weeks of the year so there are 45 clients like this each year

So 1 x 3 x 45 x 55 euro(cost of session)



So what can we do about it

  • Educate clients about the policy at source
  • Policy is stated on the website
  • Policy is stated on the online NP form the client has to sign
  • Policy is stated at the bottom of the automatic email that the client is sent for appointments
  1. Look at our wording within sessions.
  • Are we underselling the importance of our role in their recovery process
  • Are we using words like, lets see how we go or sure we will get you back in a couple of weeks
  • Language is powerful and we are the figures of authority dictating the rehab journey. Lets not create doubt in clients minds about the urgency of their sessions
  1. How are people cancelling?
  • Is a text message or a voicemail too easy a way to cancel a session?
  • We are at Compass Physio in the process of evolving scripts to have a systematised approach to questioning the client. This is something we will be sharing with our private group in the near future.
  1. Are we following Up?
  • Timing is vital. Clients should be contacted on the day at the time of the potential appointment if they slipped through the net and haven’t already been re booked

Create daily and weekly call back lists for you and your staff

We work so hard to get clients to our clinics

Lets not let them just send a text reply to cancel. If seeing us will help them achieve their goals and get back on track then let’s get to it and put the systems in place to allow them to reach their goals with our help.

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