What limitations are YOU imposing on YOURSELF

What limitations are YOU imposing on YOURSELF

Ok so a step away from our normal blog on the business and lets have a look at the most important person in this process, YOU!!

So as health professionals we are all

  • Empathetic
  • Have the best intentions for the client with every treatment session we do
  • Good Communicators

We should all be

  • Driven to succeed in business
  • Excellent at building rapport with our clients

But perhaps there is one ingredient missing…………….self belief???

I’m not saying you as an individual

  • Aren’t an excellent clinician
  • An intelligent and engaging person
  • Lacking a will to offer the best care to your clients
  • Wanting to build a great business

So here’s the context

My avatar (ideal client) since I left full time sports is a

50 year old time poor, wealthy business person who exercises regularly and pushes their body to the limits.  Being injured and out of work will cost them and their companies £££££ per day so they want to get back to work


I spend many hours working with these types of clients and they are demanding but I see it as an opportunity.

They are wealthy, successful and juggle multiple commitments, so I can learn from these guys

So I just ask them one simple question:


What’s your tip for an entrepreneur wanting to make it in business???

There was a consistent theme to their answers

  • Focus on 1 thing at a time
  • Have a plan
  • Have a daily routine
  • Believe you can achieve it

So what Traits do these people possess:


Self Belief: The anything is possible mentality.

Confidence: Making a definite decision and backing yourself to go for it

Good Listeners: Never afraid to listen to those more or less experienced and pick out the relevant and useful bits

Driven/Work Ethic: We all know building your own business isn’t easy so the hours have to be put in but its working smart with a clear focus on what you want to achieve that will make the difference.


I believe this is something that a reasonable percentage of healthcare professionals fail at

Lets adopt the philosophy of

“Why not instead of what if”

So this week go out and back yourself and do that one thing you have been putting off and it could be any from the 5 below or indeed something much bigger

  • First Vlog
  • Email your database
  • Outsource calls
  • Take on a PA
  • Block some you time

Go on, seize the day


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Paddy Mulligan
Business Consultant