What are you waiting for?

What are you waiting for?

We often ask ourselves lots of different questions in business and theorise different situations.

Should I do facebook or google ads?
Should I hire another therapist?
When should I raise my prices?

You may ask these questions every day but how often do you answer them or test your systems? That’s a lot of questions in the opening paragraph!! From our experience at Compass Physio and working with other healthcare businesses over the years we have found it an invaluable experience to try asking yourself different questions and see what happens (providing there is some sound reasoning behind them). So here are four simple questions to ask, to help you stop procrastinating within your business and make progress.

Will I benefit in the long run?

If you’re wondering about raising your prices, then this will benefit you in the long run. In the short term you may lose some clients who don’t value your service and are not interested in investing in their health (Not your ideal client). But you’ll gain a client who values your opinion and your profession. Now that you’ve raised your prices by 10% you can afford a holiday at the end of the year and take a week off (Know your numbers).

Who has successfully achieved what I want to achieve?

Personally it took me nearly 3 years to get a business mentor onboard. I thought I knew what I needed to know! I was paying off my business loan and was happy. Once I paid the loan off, I got my mentor in, in hindsight I should have done this 2 years earlier. I would have made less mistakes, saved more money, paid off my loan even quicker and had more family time. So the advice here is to ask someone who has done what you want to achieve, for help

Will it affect my mental or physical health? 

You’re thinking of opening another premises but you’ve only got 1 other staff member and you’re not sure if they can handle the pressure to be lead clinician somewhere. If you open the premises you’ll be working 80 hours a week and double the stress of an extra clinic. So the answer to that question would be no, don’t open it. Wait until you have key staff involved who you trust or can share the burden.

What’s the worst that can happen?

You lose your business, you declare bankruptcy, your partner leaves you and you become homeless. Yep that’s a pretty dire situation to be in, but you’ve got a lot of experience from your mistakes and you’re only 35 (The new 25 or so I keep telling myself) and can start again, but this time you know where you’ve messed up. The really worse thing that can happen is you die, but who knows what happens after that, so don’t worry about it.

Common things to worry about….

  • I’ll look stupid in the video
  • No one will understand me
  • No one will come to the clinic or seminar
  • No one wants to know about that niche market.

You don’t know this until you try and following a trial you have an experience from which you have learnt something.    If you answer the above questions then you should have a better idea trying something new. 

Imagine if it worked out!!

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Colin Phillips
Business Consultant