Valuing Ourselves, Our Skills and Our Time

Valuing Ourselves, Our Skills and Our Time

Valuing Ourselves, Our Skills and Our Time:

As health professionals one of our biggest challenges in the private setting can be putting and keeping a value on

  • Ourselves
  • Our Skills
  • Our Time

Valuing Ourselves:

  • Your time and is precious and in business anything that is a low value task should be delegated or outsourced to allow you to focus on your high value tasks. Ultimately this will lead to more revenue and more time with your family and friends
  • You are an expert in your area and have worked hard to get to where you are so do not let someone make you feel that you should undersell

Valuing Skills:

A very wise therapist told me when I was trying to break through my mental block when it came to charging people.

People are not just paying you for the time they are with you but the 6+ years of study and the 10+ years of practical years of experience to gain an accurate diagnosis and solve their pain.
I refer to this often if im considering the value of my consultations.

Valuing our Time:

We often struggle when it comes to charging people for the service provided.

I’ll clarify that. Charging an appropriate price for an excellent level of service

Have you ever said to a client, ah dont worry about it you can get me again or perhaps we will leave it at 20 (instead of your usual 50)

Do you know any dentists or solicitors who do this? I don’t

We have all thought starting out in business, I will charge less than my competitor and that will get people in the door and get me busy.

It might get you busy but they will not be the kind of clients that you want.

They are the ones who are price conscious and will jump from one therapist to another looking for deals.

A good way to look at it is to put a price on your time e.g. 100 euro/pounds per hour

Time is after all our most precious commodity

We often see see therapists who charge 60 instead of 50 for a consultation but this is for 45 minutes to an hour instead of the 30 minute session for 50.

Add this up over a 40 hour working week with all clients attending

50 x 80 consults = 4,000

53 x 60 = 3,306

That’s a fair difference

I’m not saying it’s all about money but the figures don’t lie if we are running a business

So in summary when reviewing your progress and that of your business do consider the points above as part of your decision making and planning process.

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