Use One of Our Business Success Formulas

Use One of Our Business Success Formulas

Stop, Start, Continue

Here at Practice Nav we work with a wide range of clients both from the brand new clinic owner to those wanting to scale their clinic.

Today I want to share a simple formula we use when planning and reviewing our day to day clinics at Compass Physio.

We have seen a trebling of client numbers with subsequent increase in turnover in the past 12 months.

This is down to numerous factors that include clear planning, automated systems and a culture of accountability but one of the key drivers is constantly reviewing and asking WHY are we doing this, should we.

Stop, Start, Continue.

Lets envisage you are reviewing your clinic and planning for the new year.

A simple and effective exercise is the write down a list under the following titles


An example of this may be Offering reductions to clients for your core service. We say it time and time again. KNOW YOUR VALUE.

Too often we see clinicians offers “team discounts” to individuals that have a loose affiliation to  Club. This could mean a client who would normally pay 50 euro and this is reduced down to 40 or even 35 euro. The reason stated is that its because they are with a club and the club brings in lots of business. If that’s the case, great, but run the numbers and quite often you may well be losing out.


Getting to grips with social media marketing. Again we often see that clinicians are waiting to have the perfect campaign prepared and ready to launch.

Our advice is to get started and lets see it evolve.

Start with a simple goal like being consistent with facebook posting. This could be posting 3 times a week.

A useful tip is to consider using a time block to prepare the content and schedule posts.


Too often we focus on the negatives, what about the positives, what’s going well?

You have a formula that’s working let’s continue and where possible tweak and evolve this process.

An example is communicating with your database.

Are you sending them out weekly blogs with a monthly or quarterly offer. Educational content with occasional offers to purchase. Keep them engaged and stay in their mind.

So nice and simple this week, there’s your challenge, draw up your list and stick to it

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