Tips to improve your use of technology

Tips to improve your use of technology

Compared to 25 years ago we are now much more connected with technology, which can sometimes feel like a never ending stream of nonsense. It’s supposed to solve all our problems…. but sometimes it can complicate and create more problems. If you’re using technology, you need to use it to its full capacity, otherwise you’re only creating more work for yourself. So, here are my top tips for managing your tech!

Emails: They were designed to replace post. Imagine your postman arriving at your door 10 times a day or in the middle of the night? You wouldn’t be long about telling him to get lost. My advice – check emails in morning, afternoon and last thing. Don’t bother after 6pm. If someone needs something bad enough they can call.

Banking: Previously we went to the bank once a week with cash and cheques, then the statement was posted once a month. Now you might check banking once a day or sometimes more!! Use direct debits to pay regular bills and batch your banking to once a week.

Telephone : If you don’t have a work phone, then get one. If you’re not working then the last thing you want is to answer your phone for a work related question. Outsourcing your booking and calls can make a real difference here so you’re not checking your phone on a regular basic.

Practice Software: Are you only part using software in your practice? Having a system that does online booking, but you have to call the patient following their booking or manually create client’s invoices on a word doc or spreadsheet post treatment isn’t efficient. Most systems should incorporate all the basics, but you just have to use them and know how to use them.

Social media for business: When used well it’s the best marketing tool invented. When used incorrectly it’s the greatest invention for time wasting in the history of business systems. Putting in set times in your diary and scheduling posts can really help manage this.

Being disciplined, scheduling and using software to its full capacity can really help your productivity. To check your systems why not take our free audit followed by a 30 mins call to see how your business can improve. Also feel free to join our Facebook group.  Talk to PracticeNav via email or take our Free business audit to find how we can help.

Colin Phillips
Business Consultant