Tips for healthcare websites

Tips for healthcare websites


What is your business website like? Do you have one? If you run a healthcare business and don’t have a website, or it was designed in 2007 by a family friend, then it’s probably time to invest. After finding myself five months into two clinic transformations, one thing I’ve found to be really important, is having a good website.  This is important regardless of whether your clinic has just opened its doors, or has been established for 20 years. Potential clients want the following when they click on a healthcare website; contact number, online booking & location details. The following tips will help you develop or update your new website. As a valued reader of the practicenav blog, feel free to contact the following web design company for a FREE Website review by clicking here.

Marketing: When people are looking for a service, where is the first place they look? They google it on their phone and then they generally click on the first site that comes up in the search.  If your website is non existent, or of poor quality then people are not going to like the look of you. Your website is a virtual representation of your shop front. You don’t let your shop front and signage fade, so why do it with your website, where you get the most exposure?

Mobile: I see this all the time, websites designed on old platforms, that don’t work well on smartphones. If your website was designed more than 10 years ago and you haven’t updated it, chances are it won’t be very responsive on a smartphone. Most people look at everything on smart phones now, compared to a desktop computer. The same goes for tablets, your website must work on all three platforms.

Online Booking: It’s 10pm on Sunday night and someone wants to book an appointment with you, they can’t ring you because it’s too late. So, they jump online and book an appointment through your website. How easy is that?  You then get patients booked in for the following week, without any fuss and they enter all their own details. If your website isn’t up to date, then you are missing out on potential clients.

Map: If potential clients are new to your clinic, they want easy directions on how to get to your clinic. Having your clinic details synced with google maps is a really important part of this. Having good pictures of your clinic, will help people to easily locate your business.

Blog: Doing a regular blog on your website is a great way to make people aware of your skills and expertise. Having a good website means you can publish regular content on the internet, to increase your clinic exposure to more potential clients. You can also link your blog material to all your social media outlets.

If you have an attractive, user friendly website for your clinic, then your business will gain more exposure through the internet. More exposure will bring more leads, which will bring more clients. At PracticeNav we have all the information and know how to develop good website systems,to suit your business. Take our Online Audit which gives you instant results, or you can contact PracticeNav via email on to find how we can help. Feel free to ask any questions in relation to this.

Colin Phillips
Business Consultant