The Power of a “Real” Testimonial

The Power of a “Real” Testimonial

What’s the best marketing tool that you have for your clinic?


Here at Practice Nav we are often asked to review clinics and identify areas where they can improve their marketing

One that is always to the top of our list is Testimonials`

How often do you see a new clinic open and amazingly there are 10 reviews of 5 stars on the same day (and oddly with the same surname as the clinic owner) and then nothing.

People who are in pain and looking for someone to trust that can help solve their issue see through this.

What is the power of a “Real” Testimonial
– It builds trust for that person in pain making a decision

How did you research your last holiday or hotel stay

  • Perhaps recommended by a friend but then quite possibly
  • You did your own investigative work
  • Looked at the website/social media/Testimonials (Reviews)

Having an independent person validate that they came to your clinic in a time of need and you helped them return to their activity is far more powerful than the clinic owner themselves claiming it.

These personal stories of fear, pain, re assurance, guidance, empathy and resolution can sway the client who is sitting on the fence to identifying with their fellow humans pains and push them to make contact with your clinic.

Ideally you have a range of testimonials for the the most common conditions such as back pain, knee pain, tennis elbow etc

We all expect the testimonial to say John was lovely and the clinic was so nice etc etc

So how to go about it

  • Ask the Client for a review. They are finishing their course of treatment and the results have been met. There are high fives flying about the place. Just ask. Would you be happy to share your story with potential clients who are unsure if therapy is for them
  • Send them a follow up email asking them to do a review


  • Facebook
  • Google
  • Video

What are the Key Elements to look for in the testimonial
– The fears people had before they came to see you

  • How they felt about overcoming that fear
  • Previous treatments they may have tried
  • What your impression of (therapy) was prior to attending
  • What you’re understanding is now
  • Advice for someone unsure about taking action
  • Reference the condition that was treated

Action for the week:

Review your strategy for obtaining testimonials now and really look at what you want to achieve from them. This will help to guide you on the questions to ask and thus the replies/testimonials that you get.

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