The Importance of Planning

The Importance of Planning

As Health Professionals we thrive on being busy

Long days and plenty of midnight oil being burnt

But sometimes, just sometimes are we busy fools?

This week’s blog has a practical element to it

The first question:

How much time do you actually spend planning and implementing these plans in your business?

I need you to do a simple exercise for me: Look at your next clincial week

How many Client Contact Hours?

How many Admin Hours?

How many business planning hours?

Finally how many business growth hours?

I’m a huge fan of the sunday brain dump which sets me up for the week ahead and helps me to prioritise the jobs that REALLY need doing that week.

If you do get a gap in that busy schedule do you

  • Head straight for the 2-3 most important things you have to do that day
  • Check social media
  • Check emails that really have zero importance on the greater scheme of things
  • Tidy the clinic (yes the one you pay the cleaner to come and tidy each weekend)

There MUST be protected time in the diary to

  • Plan for the Business
  • Implement those plans

There’s no point in having a lovely shiny To Do list that you cant even get started with

Colin and I dedicate 1 WHOLE day to working on the business each week

It was a shift in mindset that has transformed our business and allows us to implement change and has spraked growth month on month that seeing back to back clients just would not bring about.

Trial it

See the improvements that can be made

And remember if you are on your own, get an accountability partner, it will make all the difference

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