The Fortune is In the Follow Up

The Fortune is In the Follow Up

Are you interested in a 20% uplift in your business?

Thats 20% more revenue on top of your current gross income

Well then you need to review how we are following up with our clients

We work so hard to get the right people through the door and too often they drop off treatment or UTA and then disappear.

Is this happening in your clinic?

If you run a report on your system, clients without upcoming appointments for the past month can you account for each one?

Here at Practice Nav we see too many businesses that have a steady drain of clients from their list each week and no follow up, whatsoever!

Here are 5 of the steps we take in our own clinic to make sure

  1. Clients dont drop off treatment
  2. They get the outcomes they want and become ambassadors for our clinics

      1.Cancellation Policy. Do you have one. Is it enforced. Is it mentioned on initial booking, on the paperwork they sign prior to commencing their sessions with you.

Is the cancellation policy clearly displayed in the reception area? We are often too happy as healthcare practitioners to waive these fees. We need to value our service more and raise the profile of these policies.

  1. Client DNA Process. Do you have a process in place if the client Does Not Attend an appointment despite the text and email reminders?

Client is phoned after 5 minutes. They then receive an automated text advising them of a missed appointment. A sequence of emails is then activated that details to them the importance of completing their treatment pathway? Too much you might say? Or, showing people the best pathway for them

  1. Email Database

Are you regularly communicating with your database AFTER they have finished their treatment sessions. A simple automated email 3 weeks after their last appointment and or a phone call to follow up to see how they are doing

  1. Know your Numbers. 1 client that DNAs per week. They may have attended 3 more sessions of treatment. Thats say 50 euro x 3 = 150 euro. You work 40 weeks a year. 40 x 150 = 6,000. Not a bad bonus and I have no doubt this figure may indeed be a lot more for many of you.
  1. Performance Reviews. We often see that new staff members privately undertreat clients. We look at the Patient Visit Average and this could be 2 sessions with a newer member for staff. So are they getting people better quicker or are people dropping off their treatment?

One of the biggest areas we have found is the use of words like “sure, lets see how you go” or “give me a shout if you need me”. This should really be more concise and authoritative detailing a clear plan of action to the client

These are just a sample of the wins we get within our clinics and with our clients. We would be delighted to hear your

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