The Benefits of a New Client Welcome Pack

The Benefits of a New Client Welcome Pack

The Benefits of a Welcome Pack for your new Clients.

So yesterday was father’s day and I was treated to a lovely barbeque at the local golf club by my wife and 2 little girls. We arrived just after 1 pm and as we waited I was presented by the front of house with a very nice pack with some treats from the club.

It has taken pride of place on the kitchen for the last 24 hours and has received numerous comments from family and friends who have called.

An excellent marketing strategy by them.

Here at Practice Nav we really see value to welcome packs for clients attending healthcare clinics.

We see so many other professions who offer welcome packs and they really can make a difference to your business.

The main concern we get from clinic owners when we suggest a new client pack is

– How much will that cost me?

– What will I actually get from implementing it?

Like most things that we do in business, if its half done then the clients will not think very much of their new pack and it will be discarded very quickly despite all your hard work creating

So why a welcome pack?

When a new client comes to your clinic, especially for the 1st session then we have a great opportunity to really make a lasting impression that will form their opinion of you and your clinic.

As part of their follow up process when rebooking we offer a simple welcome pack that means they take away a physical gift that can promote your service.

This Contains:

– Hot/Cold Pack

– Refer a Friend Voucher and receive 20% off Deep Tissue Massage

– Information Leaflet around the clients Presenting condition

– Class Timetable

– Details of our Client Support Group on Facebook

– Voucher for a local business e.g. reduced price coffee/tea in a local cafe

This is the most basic package and we can add or subtract items to this depending on offers or indeed merchandise that we have in stock or may have received from a provider who wishes to promote their services.

Once it is aligned with our values and will improve the client experience then we can add to the welcome pack.

All of the above in a nicely branded bag makes for a greater client experience.

We tend to create this material in bulk and this helps to reduce costs

My little pack form the golf club has created a lot of conversations about how nice it was and I have recommended it to several people.

Could your welcome pack do the same?

If you want to discuss developing a welcome pack for your clinic then please dont hesitate to get in touch

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