Aisling Powell  – Director at Empower by Aisling  –https://www.facebook.com/Empowerbyaisling

I can’t recommend Colin more. I started working with him over a year ago, and it’s completely changed my business. I went from working 6 days a week making no money and having huge debt to now streamlining my business, putting systems in place and now I work less days, make more money and am debt free. I can’t thank Colin enough for all he has done. This is an investment well worth the cost!

Mick Fanning – Director at Physio Performance – www.physioperformance.ie

Before bringing Colin from PracticeNav onboard I was working long hours and had poor systems in place trying to run my business. Since having PracticeNav on board I work less hours and the business is more profitable. We now have a full time clinical staff member and all our systems fully integrated to the practice software which makes marketing more automated. I would highly recommend Colin, whether you’re starting off or in business for 20 years. His insight has been invaluable to the progression of our clinic”

Majella Healy – Director at Cluainín Physiotherapy Centre –  www.cluaninphysio.ie

As a Physiotherapist & Business Owner I was finding it difficult to manage my time effectively as my Clinic was growing. As Chartered Physiotherapists, we are trained to be excellent clinicians but unfortunately, we are not always trained in the fine details of business management; as was the case for me. As the business requirements increased I found myself struggling to maintain any work/life balance. I was trying to be physiotherapist, business owner, receptionist & as I am never willing to compromise my patient’s time, I was taking time away from family life to deal with day to day logistics of running the business. Colin helped me to restructure & streamline my Clinic.

Having worked as a physiotherapist & managed his own business, Colin, knew first-hand the challenges I faced & that was very reassuring for me. He advised me which systems & structures would support me best going forward. His approach was very practical & Colin himself is very easy to deal with, there was no area of my business that I could not discuss with Colin. My business continues to grow & I have more time outside of Work.

Helena Campbell – Director at The Physiotherapy Centre –  www.physiotherapydublin.ie

I have found working with Colin has helped to streamline our clinic, meaning I have more time to treat patients. Many of the common tasks that we have to complete in the clinic are now automated or take up very little time to complete. Colin is completely approachable and extremely knowledgeable in all aspects of running a healthcare business. Our practice has definitely grown since starting to work with Practice and it continues to grow. I would have no hesitation recommended Colin to anybody in the healthcare business setting!

Paddy Mulligan – Director at Pall Mall Physio –  www.pallmallphysio.com

Since we have started working in collaboration with Colin at PracticeNav our protocols and processes have evolved considerably. Client retention and engagement have improved through simple implementation of automated systems. Colin’s first hand knowledge of the common pitfalls and challenges that burden a health practitioner striving to grow their business mean he can offer sage advice that really does make a difference.

PracticeNav use videos in their training, following the fortnightly planning phone calls, so I can use these tools as part of our procedures manual when training new staff. I’d highly recommend PracticeNav and am delighted to have more time with my family and also a business that is growing with better systems in place.


Allison Girdwood – Director at Girdwood Consultancy – Virtual Assistant

I responded to an ad placed by Colin for a Virtual Assistant for one of his physiotherapy practice clients.  Although I had extensive administrative experience, the area of physiotherapy was new to me but I was immediately hooked by Colin’s positivity and his ideas.  Any apprehension I felt about being thrown in at the deep end in an industry that was alien to me soon melted away.  The systems that Colin put in place are so incredibly simple yet work so well.  They are easy to use and it doesn’t matter that I am hundreds of miles away from the clinic – I just need my internet connection to access the systems and it is almost like I am right there at the reception desk.  I had many questions when I first started but Colin’s training was superb.  Even now when I wonder how we can do something, Colin responds very quickly, always coming up with an effective solution, often accompanied by short video clips to demonstrate exactly how to get the result that we want.With Colin’s help, my transition into the world of physiotherapy administration has been painless and I would not hesitate in recommending Colin or his company to anyone who is looking to streamline their working practices, freshen up their approach to their business or improve inefficiencies.

Vivienne Byrne – Director at BodyBalance Physio –  www.bodybalancephysiotherapy.ie

As a Physiotherapist and Business Owner I was finding it increasingly difficult to merge the two roles. However to be able to concentrate on the therapy side of things I needed systems in place to save time and more so, ‘head space’ to concentrate on what’s important (the clients outcome).Today, clients have greater expectations from healthcare services and the changes implemented have  increased the clinic’s professionalism. They have also been very positive about all the changes. It has been a steep learning curve and my only regret is that I didn’t come across PracticeNav earlier.

I have found Colin’s advice and methods excellent. As well as all the services PracticeNav provide, Colin has always been happy to advise me on any aspect of the business. He has been very amicable to deal with and for me, the fact he has direct experience in my line of work, lets me know he’s focused on what’s important.  Anyone who thinks they don’t need Practice Nav’s expertise are most likely not optimising their service. Now, I can enjoy the fact my business is growing rather than stressing over how to manage that growth.

Steve Holmes – Director at Crest Health Physio – www.cresthealthphysio.com.au

Since starting with PracticeNav, we have seen a huge reduction in double and triple handling data and information and integrated several systems to simplify the way we work. We are now value adding and productive, allowing us to focus on what is important rather than juggling paperwork and a never ending list of ‘to do’s’. I’d highly recommend PracticeNav to aid  your business goals and objectives.

Michelangelo Wegner  – Director at Elite Chiropractic – www.elitechiropractic.com.au

I am a practice owner and clinician. I strive to provide excellent care to my patients as well as be a great business administrator. Usually things run smoothly and I can multi-task and keep on top of things. However, as my practice grows, I have found it more difficult to attend to certain tasks. This resulted in my frustration that standards were to not being maintained.

Then I had a chat with Colin. He made me aware of several innovations which have:

  • automated a number of mundane, but necessary, tasks,
  • created a more efficient weekly schedule
  • helped me re-connect with lapsed patients
  • helped me stay connected with active patients
  • taught me how to use simple strategies to work smarter, not harder

I encourage all business owners and practice managers to consult with Colin and discover how to automate their booking systems, reminders and follow-ups.

Jenni Hungtingdon –  Receptionist at GoHealth Online www.gohealthonline.com.au

I was the Receptionist at Gohealth Online and in charge of many administrative duties when Colin Phillips bought the business in 2012. Colin arrived full of positive energy and fresh new ideas and set out to improve efficiency. Not being very tech savvy, the prospect of change was a little daunting, but I need not have worried. Colin was meticulous with his training and putting procedures and systems in place. So much so, that it didn’t really matter whether he was in the office or on holidays overseas, the business ran like clockwork. I would not hesitate to recommend Colin or PracticeNav to anyone or any business, after seeing firsthand how quickly a business can be turned around to run more efficiently and more successfully once proper systems are in place.

Vicki Turner – Director at Natropath Clinicwww.healthandfertility.com.au

I approached Colin because my patient follow up systems for my business Health and Fertility Matters were inadequate. Colin came to my rescue and set up a Mailchimp follow up reminder e-mail which is sent 4 months after a patient’s last appointment. As I watched him set up the system, it appeared a little complex so I am glad I had someone familiar with Mailchimp to complete the job quickly and competently.

The results have been fantastic with more patients rebooking or at least informing us as to their wellbeing. I would recommend PracticeNav to any practice manager who wants their booking systems, reminders and follow-ups automated and efficient. I am sure if I was trying to navigate it all myself I would still be wasting precious time on it today. Thank you so much Colin.

Conor Keane – Physio www.gohealthonline.com.au

I worked for Colin for nearly two years at GoHealth Online. Under his guidance I developed both as a clinician while also gaining extensive insight into how a business should be run properly. Colin worked extremely hard at providing excellent customer service to his patients and this was the reason his business grew to become the success it was. I wish him all the best with his new venture and I am confident his new customers will be as satisfied as the old.

Sarah Koh – Dietitianwww.healthwaysaustralia.com.au

I worked with Colin to implement more effective systems within my nutrition private practice to help my business operate more efficiently. This was a great investment that has freed up more time for me to focus on what I enjoy most – helping more patients through their health journeys. I would recommend PractiveNav to anyone looking to stop working harder and start working smarter.