Reasons to join a Business Support Group

Reasons to join a Business Support Group

Working as a an independent healthcare practitioner can sometimes be a lonely road. As a Chartered Physiotherapist in the Ireland I’m registered with a number of organisations in order to practice to the best of my ability. There’s the ISCP (Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapist), CORU (State registration) and CPPP (Chartered Physiotherapist in Private Practice). Of all these organisations, I find the CPPP to be the most effective for my needs because it understands the issues I face when running a Private Practice in Ireland. So if you work in healthcare I strongly recommend you find an organisation that represents the needs of your business the best. Here are some examples of what can be gained from joining these organisations.

Support: As I said it can be a lonely road running a healthcare business, so having an organisation you can email and ask for advice at your fingertips is invaluable. Most organisations have an office you can email or a social network group you can post your questions to, similar to our PracticeNav Tips to run your healthcare clinic page – click here to view.

Continued Professional Development (CPD): As a busy business person organising CPD can be difficult and time consuming. Most support organisations will arrange workshops and seminars at discounted rates for members. This is an easy way to keep your CPD points up to date, which is generally a requirement for any state registered organisation.

Conference: Annual conferences can be boring and not relevant to your industry. However from my experience with the CPPP the annual conference is beneficial from both a clinical and business point of view with some fantastic speakers. Generally most industry sales reps for products will be in attendance so you can check out all the latest technology and products. Plus the food always tends to be good!!

Promoting your Profession: The old saying “Strength in numbers” is very relevant here, the more people in a group the stronger and louder their voice. Organisations can help to promote your services on a wider and bigger scale as a group compared to an independent marketing campaign. They can also advocate and lobby at government level for change.

Regardless of what your profession is, I’d highly recommend joining a support group to suit your industry. As a chartered Physiotherapist I’ve found the CPPP to be of great benefit to me in setting up our three Compass Physio clinics in Ireland

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