How to get business support

How to get business support


SupportNo matter what you do in life it’s alway good to have support. Any successful business has a good support network and understands how important it is. Regardless of whether you’re a sole trader running an individual clinic or a multi location clinic you need a support network (PracticeNav’s new interactive facebook page click here). As healthcare practitioners we’re always updating our professional skills but don’t pay much attention to the business support. So this blog will discuss five easy ways to create a support system to run a successful clinic.

Get a wife: There’s an old saying “behind every good man there’s a great women” (to be politically correct this can work both ways and with same sex couples). My wife is a fantastic support to me in my business ventures, whether it’s as a sounding board for ideas or advising that I can’t say this or that. I’m not advising you go get married (could be your best friend) if you’re not, but having someone you can ask for advice any time is brilliant.

Ask a friend: Generally if you’ve trained as a healthcare practitioner you’ll have made some friends along the way who are in a similar situation to you. Ask friends who’ve successfully set up a clinic for advice. Most people are more than happy to offer advice on how they set up their clinic. Don’t take these people for granted, offer to buy them lunch and have a chat with them. 

Social media: There are thousands of groups on facebook, podcasts, linked in, snapchat etc to help people in business. Most of these are free, so if you need advice on certain aspects of business these platforms are a great place to start. Check out PracticeNav’s new interactive facebook page here, you can ask questions and get great advice on all matters related to running your healthcare business.

Business group: Local business groups are a great way to get support for your business. Some of these groups are very structured while others are more of a meet and greet. I’d highly recommend trying some of these groups, but remember you are there to grow your business, so act accordingly.

Mentor: Anything I’ve done in business I’ve always had a mentor in some shape or form. Having a mentor makes you more accountable to your business. You’re also getting advice on business from someone who’s already been successful in business. PracticeNav offers various monthly mentorship packages to suit all stages of business development.

To find out how PracticeNav can help your business grow and improve your work life balance please email or take our Free business audit. Also feel free to join the conversation on Facebook – click here.

Colin Phillips
Business Consultant