How to be more Productive with your time

How to be more Productive with your time

Let’s make use of that Precious Time

Much like any business here at Practice Nav we know time is precious and finite. We all start with an equal playing field, its up to us what we do with the time we are given.

If you were to rate yourself on a scale of 0 (terrible) to 10 (excellent) with your productivity and discipline with time where do you stand?

Here are some of the things that I do that have helped me work less but be more productive. This means I have more quality time and less hours spent toiling over tasks that could have been delegated or indeed completed much more efficiently.

1. Turn off your phone notifications. There are different claims about how distracting the swoosh of an email or ping of a whats app message can be but rarely are they life changing and need that urgent attention. So take that step.         

2. Plan your time. There  will always be key tasks that you need to complete e.g. marketing so block that time off and make sure it is undisturbed . It can be anywhere from 30-120 minutes and in that time you will focus solely on the key goal

3. Schedule time for emails. 30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the afternoon for those essential emails. The other can wait or indeed be delegated where possible.

4. Limit time on social media and websites that draw you away from your focus. Self Control app is very useful and you can set a limit so that once you reach that you are blocked from that website.

5. Track your time on the above website (could be facebook/instagram) via moment (another app). It is sometime a little scary to read how long you have spent on your mobile yet you have barely time to feed yourself.6. Eat that frog. If you haven’t read the book then you should. Each day pick one task that you think will lead you towards your BIG goal. That is what should be completed first.

7Don’t wait for perfection. Facebook Live posts is the prime example. Most of us wait and procrastinate waiting for the time that we will create the perfect piece of material. This may never happen so start putting your information out there and review and learn as you evolve.

8. How many emails do you get per day? DO you have emails that you delete straight away, well then unsubscribe. There should be an option to do so in each email you get. Cumulatively this can make a big difference to your day and powers of concentration

9. Stop Multitasking. Pick one task and stick to it. When completed move onto the next. It’s that simple.

10. Automate. If there’s anything that could be potentially automated in your work environment. E.g. online bookings for new client enquiries then get the systems in place

11. Learn something new every day. Never stop evolving. Be it a podcast, book or chat with a friend or colleague. Keep evolving


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