CPD for your Business – Are you doing enough?

CPD for your Business – Are you doing enough?


CPD for your Business – Are you doing enough?

How many hours a year do you spend doing CPD (Continuous Professional Development)?

How many of those hours are spent learning about and investing in how to run your business?

Based on these answers you will know if you are apportioning enough time to the business that is to sustain you and provide for your nearest and dearest (including staff members).

My name is Paddy Mulligan and I’m a Chartered Physiotherapist and I have been both sides of the equation.

As a physiotherapist in the early years of qualification I would

  • Spend my hard earned pennies on weekend courses covering all manner of topics
  • Listen to every clinical podcast that I could get access to
  • Complete further qualifications in acupuncture, dry needling, orthopaedic medicine etc etc
  • Subscribe to journals that would send me the latest evidence based research on MSK related issues
  • Shadow the best clinicians I could get in touch with

So what I hear you say, I do all that.

So what do you do for your business now that you are running your own clinic?

Here’s my Top 5 Tips of things that will help you get ahead of the rest

1.Have a Business Plan. It might only be one page but any successful business should have a direction that it is heading in. Too often we see the reactive status kick in and the daily emails and admin take over and there is no real work done ON the business

2.Spend Time Marketing. Emailing your database, posting on social media, following up with clients this WILL help you and your business grow

3.Seek support from Peers. There isnt a great deal of formal support out there for health professionals to share common challenges and ideas so (insert shameless plug) join on Facebook Practice Nav Tips to Run your clinic. A great forum to ask fellow health professionals those business related questions that you have been challenged with.

4. Read/Listen to Business Development books. Top 3 examples would be – The E Myth, Good to Great and Eat That Frog. Take 3 things from each book and action them and you and your business will be better off

5. Take on a Mentor/Accountability Partner. We are all busy and often those goals written over Xmas can fade into distant as you drawn back into the day to day grind. Who is holding you accountable?


As ever myself and Colin are happy to answer any of your questions so please jump on the facebook group – click here  or you can complete our Free Audit – click here for your clinic with a follow up 30 minute phone call

Paddy Mulligan
Business Consultant

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