CPD for your Business – Are you doing enough?

  CPD for your Business - Are you doing enough? [...]

How to make a good first impression

I was in a doctor's waiting room recently waiting to have my appointment. As an observer of all things system based and picking holes in business systems, I had time to kill. I've recently moved to the area so my first impression of the clinic was not fantastic, my observations included the following, poor signage to the clinic, cold waiting room, rude receptionist who looked like she'd been dragged through a bush to get to work and an attitude to match. She told me to talk a seat and the doctor will be with you shortly, I asked how long will he be and she snapped when he's finished with the other patients! Now I don't want to bash all GP clinics but I wasn't holding out much hope for the doctor who called me in 20 mins later to tell me how busy his morning was. He turned out to be a nice doctor but I had already made up my mind that I wasn't ever going to set foot inside the practice again. My point is that regardless of how professional you are, it's your whole system that makes the first impression. Here are my tips for first impressions.

Reach 10,000 potential clients in 2 mins

So from reading my blogs over the last year you'll understand I'm pretty straight up and generally tell it as it is. Last week I opened my new clinic in Castlecomer www.compassphysio.ie , I managed to reach an audience on facebook of nearly 10,ooo (yes 10,000 see the pics) and have nearly 4,000 views on my 2 videos and nearly 400 likes in 2 weeks. You might think, I don't want to do this on facebook or I don't like promoting my business. Well if you don't like doing it, no one else will, you can't expect to ask your clients for referrals when you don't ask for referral yourself! It's your responsibility to passionately promote your business and it's values. So here are the simple steps I did to promote my business in less than 2 weeks. (figures as of 13/10/16)

How to get testimonials and reviews

If someone you know recommends a service or product, then you are more likely to make a purchase. Last weekend I had the opportunity to meet one of my clients for the first time in person. It was great to be able to chat to Steve , I was also able to do a quick interview with Steve with regards to how he has found the experience of working with PracticeNav, click here to listen (don’t worry it’s not long). The interview is a testimonial for my business PracticeNav, of which Steve is a client. So for this blog I wanted to share some tips about how to ask for reviews and testimonials for your business.