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Use One of Our Business Success Formulas

Stop, Start, Continue Here at Practice Nav we work [...]

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10 Tips for HealthCare Business Success

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What you can learn from Ed Sheeran in Business

Saturday night I went along to my first concert [...]

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5 Reasons for Block Booking Appointments in Healthcare Business

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5 Tips to Improve your customer service

To run a profitable business you need to have [...]

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How to be more Productive with your time

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CPD for your Business – Are you doing enough?

  CPD for your Business - Are you doing enough? [...]

Investing in your healthcare business

When most people hear the word "invest" they automatically think money. However investment is more than money, if applied correctly it can also include time. Most healthcare business owners complain about not having enough time to work "on" the business. The reason for this common complaint is the fact that they don't have the correct systems in place and are unwilling to adapt to the ever changing healthcare landscape. If you work for two hours per week on any of the previous articles I've wrote over the course of a year your business will grow. As it's a healthcare business it would increase over a steady period, let's be conservative and say you improve by 1% per week. If you're seeing 25 clients a week at present, say 5 per day and you consistently improve by 1% each week, then after one year you will be seeing over 40 clients a week! After two years it will be 70 clients per week. Don't believe me? Click here to see example showing the simple principles figures. Results in this industry are not instant, if you're not in it for the long haul then go do something else with your life, because you have to enjoy it.

Are you a control freak?

Are you strangling the life out of your business? Is it suffering because you want to control everything? A lot of business owners over complicate basic tasks making more work for their team in the process. I had major control issues when running my business at the start, I was checking everything my staff done in case they missed anything. Eventually I came to realise that my staff knew what they were doing and I just needed to trust them. Following that if they were having any issues with specific tasks I just needed to show them the process. Here are some basic steps to stop you trying to control everything Trust, Invest, Delegate, Procedures, Let go