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Holidays in healthcare business

At the moment I am in Zambia doing some volunteer work and then plan to climb Kilimanjaro at the beginning of August. How many weeks holidays have you had this year? By holiday I mean turn your phone off and not worry about checking emails for your business or taking calls. As much as we all love our profession it's really important to take a break and recharge or combine the two. Running my own healthcare business in Australia and having family overseas ensured that I took 4-5 weeks holidays every year. This meant that I needed to have my business in order before I went on honeymoon or holidays. When I was on holidays in Ireland there wasn't much I could do for a faulty printer or an upset client. I had to have good systems in place to deal with these things. So in order to get more holidays I suggest the following regardless whether you're a big practice or small operator. #Plan, Delegate, #Raiseprices

No contract – No excuse 

So over the past 6 months I've started working with numerous health professionals across a number of different industries. I was amazed to find out that many people within these industries do not have contracts in place for their company's lease or their employee/contractors agreements. From a business security point of view I find this is an essential part of establishing a viable healthcare business. People may say, it's my friend, I don't need to have a contract in place or I know the landlord and his really nice. All of the above are valid points, but if your friendship gets strained or your landlord dies you may be dealing with an entirely new person. Who can just evict you from a premises or take your database as there is no contract in place. This is not a scare tactic (but get your stuff in order) but my advice is to get your contracts in order ASAP. Here are some advantages of having contracts.