Social Media

Social Media and Healthcare

Do you think about social media along the following lines? All I want to do is be a healthcare professional, I don't care about bookface I don't have time for all that social media nonsense I wouldn't get any business from it If you share these thoughts then unfortunately you're the equivalent of a dinosaur in business and missing out on a lot of potential clients. If done well social media is an effective way to engage your audience (potential clients) and your client base. To make it easier to do social media here are some simple tips to help.

How contactable are you?

Do you get text messages or calls on the weekend from your clients? Maybe Sunday night at 10pm looking for an appointment the next day... what a pain in the arse that is! In the ideal world when we leave work we should leave work, however now a days everyone is ultra connected through all sorts of different devices and it's hard to get away. People may disagree with this statement but as a business owner you want to minimise your client time outside of work hours. Privacy, Set up voicemail, Autoresponder, Online booking, Train your clients

See what your clients see

Have you ever booked an appointment in your own business and sat in the waiting room? It may sound like a very weird thing to do, however you can learn a lot from this by experiencing what your clients experience when using your service. To ensure your clients have an excellent experience when visiting your business you need to ensure you understand it from their point of view. I've done this over the years in the different business I've been involved in and it's amazing how much you pick up each time you do it.

How to get testimonials and reviews

If someone you know recommends a service or product, then you are more likely to make a purchase. Last weekend I had the opportunity to meet one of my clients for the first time in person. It was great to be able to chat to Steve , I was also able to do a quick interview with Steve with regards to how he has found the experience of working with PracticeNav, click here to listen (don’t worry it’s not long). The interview is a testimonial for my business PracticeNav, of which Steve is a client. So for this blog I wanted to share some tips about how to ask for reviews and testimonials for your business.