The Benefits of a New Client Welcome Pack

The Benefits of a Welcome Pack for your new [...]

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Tips to improve your use of technology

Compared to 25 years ago we are now much more [...]

How to retain and follow up with your clients

What percentage of appointments are Did Not Attend (DNA), Cancelations, Unable To Attend (UTA), New Patients (NP) in the average clinic? The percentages will vary hugely with every clinics depending on the type of clinic, how long it's been established, client base, location etc. So I can only give you information based on the average Physio clinic I deal with.  The percentages are of the total patients booked in say for one week.  Say 50 patients for a week 2% DNA (1) 6% UTA (3) 2% Cancellation (1) 74% FU (38) 16% NP (8) If your DNA, UTA and cancellations are above 20% then you need to review your system - click here to review your systems. Ideally you want your NP above 10% in order to grow your business. If this is not the case and you've got all the systems in place then you need to review your marketing strategy. Click here for a free marketing plan. You also need to follow up with all DNAs and cancellations via phone call by treating practitioner to find out what happened and rebook their appointment. Reminders - I sent SMS and email reminders for all appointments, people are busy and forget things, make it easy for them to remember their appointment. 

Healthcare clinic marketing action plan

So my last topic discussed a free marketing plan for healthcare clinics. In this blog we will discuss a couple of simple tips to help you implement this plan and make your marketing more time efficient and cost effective. I've recently heard some of my colleagues in the Physio world discuss how "quiet" it is in their clinics. This can happen during certain times of the year, but look at what you're doing in your "quiet" time, are you implementing your marketing plan and aiming for the year ahead? Or are you wasting your time on social media re posting non original content to see if "likes" miraculously turn into profit. Being busy is easy, being productive takes planning. So let's talk about the marketing plan from the last session

Be Boring – Be Successful

  What makes a successful healthcare company? Consistency 50% of [...]

Are you a control freak?

Are you strangling the life out of your business? Is it suffering because you want to control everything? A lot of business owners over complicate basic tasks making more work for their team in the process. I had major control issues when running my business at the start, I was checking everything my staff done in case they missed anything. Eventually I came to realise that my staff knew what they were doing and I just needed to trust them. Following that if they were having any issues with specific tasks I just needed to show them the process. Here are some basic steps to stop you trying to control everything Trust, Invest, Delegate, Procedures, Let go

See what your clients see

Have you ever booked an appointment in your own business and sat in the waiting room? It may sound like a very weird thing to do, however you can learn a lot from this by experiencing what your clients experience when using your service. To ensure your clients have an excellent experience when visiting your business you need to ensure you understand it from their point of view. I've done this over the years in the different business I've been involved in and it's amazing how much you pick up each time you do it.

No contract – No excuse 

So over the past 6 months I've started working with numerous health professionals across a number of different industries. I was amazed to find out that many people within these industries do not have contracts in place for their company's lease or their employee/contractors agreements. From a business security point of view I find this is an essential part of establishing a viable healthcare business. People may say, it's my friend, I don't need to have a contract in place or I know the landlord and his really nice. All of the above are valid points, but if your friendship gets strained or your landlord dies you may be dealing with an entirely new person. Who can just evict you from a premises or take your database as there is no contract in place. This is not a scare tactic (but get your stuff in order) but my advice is to get your contracts in order ASAP. Here are some advantages of having contracts.

How to get testimonials and reviews

If someone you know recommends a service or product, then you are more likely to make a purchase. Last weekend I had the opportunity to meet one of my clients for the first time in person. It was great to be able to chat to Steve , I was also able to do a quick interview with Steve with regards to how he has found the experience of working with PracticeNav, click here to listen (don’t worry it’s not long). The interview is a testimonial for my business PracticeNav, of which Steve is a client. So for this blog I wanted to share some tips about how to ask for reviews and testimonials for your business.