The Power of a “Real” Testimonial

What's the best marketing tool that you have for [...]

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The Importance of Planning

As Health Professionals we thrive on being busy Long [...]

6 Steps to Maximising your Reach on Facebook

Most of us will be aware of facebook Algorithms [...]

What are you waiting for?

We often ask ourselves lots of different questions in [...]

5 Tips To Convert Phone Enquiries

How to convert Phone Enquiries We work so hard [...]

How to be more Productive with your time

Let's make use of that Precious Time Much like any [...]

Tips to improve your use of technology

Compared to 25 years ago we are now much more [...]

Analysis Paralysis – Are you drowning in stats?

Since I started PracticeNav in 2015, I’ve always been fascinated [...]

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Why you should say NO more often

As healthcare professionals we like to please people, otherwise we wouldn't be in this profession. However, this need to please people can come at the expense of our own needs and the needs of our business. Don't get me wrong, I think it's great to be involved in lots of different business activities and ventures, but sometimes they take up too much time. This time comes at the expense of working on your core business and your down time. Fair enough, if you've got time to spare and your financially secure for life, but most of us have a set number of hours we work a week. I believe our down time is as important as our work time so I want to give you examples of ways to say NO and the benefits of saying no.

What are your magic numbers?

Recently I've been working with very busy clinic owners. You may say why do busy clinic owners need help? It's because they are both in their early 30s and are nearly burnt out due to their workload. They're both working over 70 hours a week and missing out on their own health (gym, healthy eating - all the stuff we tell our clients to do) as well as time with their friends and family. We all have a finite amount of time on earth, so make sure you make the most of it, rather than chasing extra money (stress) you don't need. So I propose the question, what are your magic numbers? Below is a way to help you figure out what they are...........

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