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The Fortune is In the Follow Up

Are you interested in a 20% uplift in your [...]

Why you should get involved in your local Community

Last week we officially opened our third clinic in [...]

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What limitations are YOU imposing on YOURSELF

Ok so a step away from our normal blog on [...]

How to retain and follow up with your clients

What percentage of appointments are Did Not Attend (DNA), Cancelations, Unable To Attend (UTA), New Patients (NP) in the average clinic? The percentages will vary hugely with every clinics depending on the type of clinic, how long it's been established, client base, location etc. So I can only give you information based on the average Physio clinic I deal with.  The percentages are of the total patients booked in say for one week.  Say 50 patients for a week 2% DNA (1) 6% UTA (3) 2% Cancellation (1) 74% FU (38) 16% NP (8) If your DNA, UTA and cancellations are above 20% then you need to review your system - click here to review your systems. Ideally you want your NP above 10% in order to grow your business. If this is not the case and you've got all the systems in place then you need to review your marketing strategy. Click here for a free marketing plan. You also need to follow up with all DNAs and cancellations via phone call by treating practitioner to find out what happened and rebook their appointment. Reminders - I sent SMS and email reminders for all appointments, people are busy and forget things, make it easy for them to remember their appointment.