Social Media and Healthcare

Do you think about social media along the following lines? All I want to do is be a healthcare professional, I don't care about bookface I don't have time for all that social media nonsense I wouldn't get any business from it If you share these thoughts then unfortunately you're the equivalent of a dinosaur in business and missing out on a lot of potential clients. If done well social media is an effective way to engage your audience (potential clients) and your client base. To make it easier to do social media here are some simple tips to help.

Are you a control freak?

Are you strangling the life out of your business? Is it suffering because you want to control everything? A lot of business owners over complicate basic tasks making more work for their team in the process. I had major control issues when running my business at the start, I was checking everything my staff done in case they missed anything. Eventually I came to realise that my staff knew what they were doing and I just needed to trust them. Following that if they were having any issues with specific tasks I just needed to show them the process. Here are some basic steps to stop you trying to control everything Trust, Invest, Delegate, Procedures, Let go

Holidays in healthcare business

At the moment I am in Zambia doing some volunteer work and then plan to climb Kilimanjaro at the beginning of August. How many weeks holidays have you had this year? By holiday I mean turn your phone off and not worry about checking emails for your business or taking calls. As much as we all love our profession it's really important to take a break and recharge or combine the two. Running my own healthcare business in Australia and having family overseas ensured that I took 4-5 weeks holidays every year. This meant that I needed to have my business in order before I went on honeymoon or holidays. When I was on holidays in Ireland there wasn't much I could do for a faulty printer or an upset client. I had to have good systems in place to deal with these things. So in order to get more holidays I suggest the following regardless whether you're a big practice or small operator. #Plan, Delegate, #Raiseprices

Modular design for Healthcare Business

if you think about your business like a smart phone, every business has slightly different needs. If your business is run under one specific software then you are missing out on updates and advancements in other areas of the industry. If you're still using paper files please click here and join us in the 21st century. My advice is to make your business modular in design, this way you can easily adapt to new trends in the industry. Here is a list of the system I currently use for my healthcare business client. The advantages of this system are as follows

Say No to multiculturalism in your business

Ok, so if you started reading this blog and expected a racist rant then you've come to the wrong website. Let me explain what I mean when I say NO to multiculturalism in your business. As a business owner your values, beliefs and business culture should be clearly identified. Your staff and clients should identify this by the way you do business.

7 deadly sins of healthcare business

Running is a small business is hard work, no matter what industry you're in. Profit margins are tight and you're probably checking your bank balance on a daily business. Sometime people just develop into a small business owner because they're highly skilled at what they do. They then decide to take a risk (a big risk) and open their own clinic or business but they may not have much business acumen. Below are seven ways in which small business owners may be losing money without realising and some simple solutions to help.

The power of uniforms and name badges

take the time to focus on your brand and how you can develop it into a walking/running marketing campaign for your company. Your ROI is easily measured when you ask clients to identify how they found your company during their initial consultation. To find out how PracticeNav can help please email or take our Free business audit. Also feel free to share your experience of wearing uniforms or name badges helped your business.

Save time with more batching less b*tching

It's hard work running a business, working with clients, keeping fit, socialising, looking after family, etc. I often hear people complain about the lack of time they have to do things. In my opinion the problem is not the lack of time, it's the lack of discipline and systems people have in place to make them more efficient. I'm going to discuss four example of batching to save time rather than moaning about the lack of time.