Why you should get involved in your local Community

Last week we officially opened our third clinic in [...]

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Tips to improve your use of technology

Compared to 25 years ago we are now much more [...]

Why you should say NO more often

As healthcare professionals we like to please people, otherwise we wouldn't be in this profession. However, this need to please people can come at the expense of our own needs and the needs of our business. Don't get me wrong, I think it's great to be involved in lots of different business activities and ventures, but sometimes they take up too much time. This time comes at the expense of working on your core business and your down time. Fair enough, if you've got time to spare and your financially secure for life, but most of us have a set number of hours we work a week. I believe our down time is as important as our work time so I want to give you examples of ways to say NO and the benefits of saying no.

10 things I hate about business (with solutions)

If you want things to be different you need to do different things. Albert Einstein said the definition of madness is to do the same thing over and over again and expect different results. In a healthcare business if you want different results then you need to change how you do things. A lot of clinicians complain about how they wish things could be different and don't change anything. Here are some of the top complaints I hear...I've also thrown in some solutions. In order to change you need to be different!

Tips for healthcare websites

What's your business website like? Do you have one? If you run a healthcare business and your don't have a website or it was designed in 2007 by a family friend then it's probably time to invest. Five months into two clinic transformations one thing that's really important is having a good website regardless whether your clinic has just opened its doors or has been established for 20 years. Most people want the following when they click on a healthcare website contact number, online booking & location details. The following tips will help you develop or update your new website. As a valued reader of the practicenav blog feel free to contact the following web design company for a FREE Website review by clicking here

Why you need a checklist in business

What happens when you go shopping without a checklist? You [...]

How to find good referral partners

Being in small business of any kind is hard work regardless of industry, but it's especially hard in the health care industry because our clients add another variable. Cars or manufacturing parts don't complain or judge us, clients do! Therefore being on top of our game is essential and one easy way to stay on top of your game is through the support of others. Sometimes you may feel isolated that you're the only one with your back to the wall.... so here are some tips to help you find support from others.

The benefits of doing business locally

As a healthcare clinic owner I cannot stress enough the importance of doing business locally. Most clients for healthcare clinics will travel less than an hour to visit your clinic, therefore it makes sense that you do most of your business within an hour radius of your clinic. Obviously this is variable depending on how densely populated the area you do business in. Since moving home to my local community and setting up my new Physiotherapy clinic I've got involved in as much local activity as possible. I'm baffled as to why more people don't get involved in their community and support their local businesses. Now you may say hangon Colin, you're always preaching about outsourcing to virtual assistants overseas. I agree with this when starting off in business. However if you need a haircut - go to your local hairdresser, if you want a coffee - go to your local cafe, if you want office paper - go to your local book store. You'll be surprised who you'll meet and maybe, just maybe you might pick up some new clients if you apply some of the principles from my blog on uniform and name badges.

5 Steps to plan your exit strategy

So if you're like me and over the age of 30 you may be thinking about what you're going to do when you retire? If you're a health professional you can't do hands on work forever. So you've got to start putting strategies in place before you reach the age of 40 and burn out. I recently met a physio who was in their early 50 and completely burnt out. They had a thriving practice but no exit strategy. So as much as it's very important to build a business and market it, you need to have something to show for all your hard work at the end of your career. See my original story (click here) and my exit strategy before starting my new clinic CompassPhysio. So lets try to get your house in order before it's too late, here are some simple steps

Be Boring – Be Successful

  What makes a successful healthcare company? Consistency 50% of [...]