Back ups

Why you need a checklist in business

What happens when you go shopping without a checklist? You [...]

Are you penny wise pound foolish…

I speak from experience when it comes to being penny wise and pound foolish. When I bought my first Physiotherapy clinic I did not have a big budget for anything, any money I got from my clients generally went on wages or rent. However now that I'm opening my second clinic I can see the value of investment if you have the cash to invest. My previous staff will laugh when they read this, but I have a shredder in the practice I bought for $50 that would shred 5 pages at a time. The problem was every 3-4 weeks the shredder would get jammed up or overheat and I would have to spend an hour fixing it or making ridiculous videos on how to use a shredder (yes I did that!). It took me 2 broken shredders and alot of advice from my admin team (Thanks Jen) to get a business shredder worth about $150 which saved me a fortune in time and I never had to worry about jamming paper again. So if I add up all the time I spend on the broken shredders it works out at about $160/hour (clients I could have billed) and at a conservative estimate of 10 hours that works out at $1600, plus another 2 new shredders at $50 per shredder. That's a grand total of $1700 - a weeks wages for top class MSK Physiotherapist!!

Minimise the impact of data loss on your business

Thinking about it in the store I thought it's not all that bad, all my photos, documents, programs and files are all backed up so all I have to do is turn on the new laptop and load my back up. Having data readily available is great, however if you're still running paper files (5 reasons to move your records online) and you had a fire in your business how would you cope?