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10 things I hate about business (with solutions)

If you want things to be different you need to do different things. Albert Einstein said the definition of madness is to do the same thing over and over again and expect different results. In a healthcare business if you want different results then you need to change how you do things. A lot of clinicians complain about how they wish things could be different and don't change anything. Here are some of the top complaints I hear...I've also thrown in some solutions. In order to change you need to be different!

How to retain and follow up with your clients

What percentage of appointments are Did Not Attend (DNA), Cancelations, Unable To Attend (UTA), New Patients (NP) in the average clinic? The percentages will vary hugely with every clinics depending on the type of clinic, how long it's been established, client base, location etc. So I can only give you information based on the average Physio clinic I deal with.  The percentages are of the total patients booked in say for one week.  Say 50 patients for a week 2% DNA (1) 6% UTA (3) 2% Cancellation (1) 74% FU (38) 16% NP (8) If your DNA, UTA and cancellations are above 20% then you need to review your system - click here to review your systems. Ideally you want your NP above 10% in order to grow your business. If this is not the case and you've got all the systems in place then you need to review your marketing strategy. Click here for a free marketing plan. You also need to follow up with all DNAs and cancellations via phone call by treating practitioner to find out what happened and rebook their appointment. Reminders - I sent SMS and email reminders for all appointments, people are busy and forget things, make it easy for them to remember their appointment. 

Reach 10,000 potential clients in 2 mins

So from reading my blogs over the last year you'll understand I'm pretty straight up and generally tell it as it is. Last week I opened my new clinic in Castlecomer , I managed to reach an audience on facebook of nearly 10,ooo (yes 10,000 see the pics) and have nearly 4,000 views on my 2 videos and nearly 400 likes in 2 weeks. You might think, I don't want to do this on facebook or I don't like promoting my business. Well if you don't like doing it, no one else will, you can't expect to ask your clients for referrals when you don't ask for referral yourself! It's your responsibility to passionately promote your business and it's values. So here are the simple steps I did to promote my business in less than 2 weeks. (figures as of 13/10/16)

Are you penny wise pound foolish…

I speak from experience when it comes to being penny wise and pound foolish. When I bought my first Physiotherapy clinic I did not have a big budget for anything, any money I got from my clients generally went on wages or rent. However now that I'm opening my second clinic I can see the value of investment if you have the cash to invest. My previous staff will laugh when they read this, but I have a shredder in the practice I bought for $50 that would shred 5 pages at a time. The problem was every 3-4 weeks the shredder would get jammed up or overheat and I would have to spend an hour fixing it or making ridiculous videos on how to use a shredder (yes I did that!). It took me 2 broken shredders and alot of advice from my admin team (Thanks Jen) to get a business shredder worth about $150 which saved me a fortune in time and I never had to worry about jamming paper again. So if I add up all the time I spend on the broken shredders it works out at about $160/hour (clients I could have billed) and at a conservative estimate of 10 hours that works out at $1600, plus another 2 new shredders at $50 per shredder. That's a grand total of $1700 - a weeks wages for top class MSK Physiotherapist!!

How to switch off after work

Do you bring your work home with you or find it difficult to switch off after work ? As a small business owner you may be...worrying about loans, clients, to do lists etc... trust me I've been there. There's a fine line between keeping on top of things in your business and letting it go to down the drain. If you're checking emails on a Saturday night or answering calls on a Sunday then I think you need to put some strategies in place to get a better work life balance. Here are my top 5 tips to help you achieve this.

Put your pigeon on steroids…

Now I'm not an advocate for the use of steroids [...]