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3 Take Home Messages from our latest Course that WILL help your business

Following of from another great Practice Nav event on Saturday 26th January this weeks blog is giving you a little overview of 3 of the key themes that appeared again and again in the conversation They were Know your Ideal Client Planning reaps the rewards Consistency Know Your Ideal [...]

50 Questions to ensure you don’t make the same mistakes again!

At PracticeNav we deal with Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Massage therapist, Osteopaths and a whole host of other healthcare professionals in business who all have similar problems in their business. Our job is to review what's working well and modify what isn't working. It's only when you start to drill down into the systems and processes a business has that you [...]

Use One of Our Business Success Formulas

Stop, Start, Continue Here at Practice Nav we work with a wide range of clients both from the brand new clinic owner to those wanting to scale their clinic. Today I want to share a simple formula we use when planning and reviewing our day to day clinics at Compass Physio. We have seen a trebling of client numbers [...]

The Fortune is In the Follow Up

Are you interested in a 20% uplift in your business? Thats 20% more revenue on top of your current gross income Well then you need to review how we are following up with our clients We work so hard to get the right people through the door and too often they drop off treatment or UTA and then disappear. [...]

Why you should always be selling your business

When you're selling an item you always try to make it look good, correct? Think about it for a minute, if you are selling a car you'll wash and vacuum it before letting people bring it for a test drive. The same goes for selling a house, to get the best possible price you'll paint and cover up any [...]

Can you offer an alternative ?

If you can't accommodate your clients when they want to see you, what do you do? Last week I went into a bank to open up a new account and a concierge walked up to me and asked how can I help. I told him I wanted to open up an account, he said “No you can't do it [...]

What to do About Cancellations?

Cancellations They rate up there in the same annoying category as Donald Trumps sweeping statements.   They can turn a busy list into a stop start day They can reduce your revenue for a session to the im getting steak on the way home to, I hope i can cover the rent So what do we do about them? [...]

5 Things you should know about Healthcare Business

I qualified as a Chartered Physiotherapist in 2006 having studied for 5 years in the UK and Ireland. I always knew I wanted to some day own my own business in healthcare. Thankfully I am now the proud owner of Compass Physio with my business partner Paddy Mulligan. To get to where we are today has taken a lot [...]

The Power of a “Real” Testimonial

What's the best marketing tool that you have for your clinic?   Here at Practice Nav we are often asked to review clinics and identify areas where they can improve their marketing One that is always to the top of our list is Testimonials` How often do you see a new clinic open and amazingly there are 10 reviews [...]

6 Tips to get Corporate Business

We often get asked about how to approach corporate clients or business. This can be a really good way of getting regular income for your business, but it can also be one of the most difficult contracts to acquire. Thankfully employers are now moving towards to healthier work force and see the value of investing in their employees. This [...]

The Importance of Planning

As Health Professionals we thrive on being busy Long days and plenty of midnight oil being burnt But sometimes, just sometimes are we busy fools? This week's blog has a practical element to it The first question: How much time do you actually spend planning and implementing these plans in your business? I need you [...]

Why you should get involved in your local Community

Last week we officially opened our third clinic in Ireland Compass Physio Enfield, with an official open day on Saturday for 2 hours. We normally don't work Saturdays, but it was a sacrifice we were willing to make. The response was brilliant, we planned for a BBQ but given the changeable Irish weather, we had to scrap that idea [...]

3 Take Home Messages from Our Latest Course

Following of from another great Practice Nav event on Saturday 1st September this weeks blog is giving you a little overview of 3 of the key themes that appeared again and again in the conversation They were Communication Transparency Consistency Communication Team Meetings. The importance of regular team meetings were reaffirmed from some of the more experienced clinicians in [...]

Basic Business Tips for CPD

Continued Professional Development is very important in any profession. If you fail to improve on your existing set of skills then you will be left behind by your competition. Most healthcare professionals (the good ones) spend €1000s on improving their clinical skills, which in turn improves their knowledge and skills as a practitioner. However unlike the clinical aspect of [...]

5 Key Considerations for the Location of Your Clinic

Location, Location, Location Well it's not just a travel programme. This week we will be looking at your clinic and the potential importance of several key factors in developing your business and making sure you have a steady flow of clients and enquiries. Here at Practice Nav we work with a wide range of health professionals and see the [...]

How to avoid Business Burnout

You go into work tired because you’ve been up all night or you’re not sleeping because you’re thinking about the stresses of work and you’ve got a full list of clients to see! Sound familiar? At PracticeNav reviewing healthcare practitioners from across all sectors of the industry gives us a keen insight into how a lack of sleep can [...]

6 Steps to Maximising your Reach on Facebook

Most of us will be aware of facebook Algorithms and how they are constantly being tweaked, so in this modern social media driven world the need to keep up to pace with these changes is vital for your business. Facebook has had some seismic changes of late and they set about changing their focus again and highlighted that your [...]

5 Tips to manage a crisis

Running a healthcare business isn’t always plain sailing! Sometimes the occasional crisis can pop up to put you into a frenzy of panic and profanities. You have to be able to manage each situation differently and effectively. This blog discusses the different situations I’ve come across over the years from working with PracticeNav clients and my own experiences. To give [...]

Two Tips to become more Productive

Your email inbox has 84 unread messages and your todo list is about 2 pages long. You’re back to back with clients, you’ll have to work late and no time to work on the business. Does this scenario sound familiar? Nowadays everyone expects instant results, lose 4 stone in 4 weeks, become rich overnight, find true love bla bla [...]

Have we made a terrible mistake?

As you know with Practice Nav we are all about finding solutions to problems. One of our missions is to constantly challenge and where possible improve healthcare practitioners work and life experiences. Recently we have been looking at recruitment for our day to day company Compass Physio and set about writing a job description. We decided to look at [...]

What are you waiting for?

We often ask ourselves lots of different questions in business and theorise different situations. Should I do facebook or google ads? Should I hire another therapist? When should I raise my prices? You may ask these questions every day but how often do you answer them or test your systems? That’s a lot of questions in the opening paragraph!! [...]

Batching – A way to Increase your Productivity

Batching - How to become even more Productive We are all super busy these days and life as a healthcare practitioner can sometimes be a constant cycle of chasing from one job list to another. Sometimes upon reflection you realise that you have been running around and achieved very little Here is how we use batching to help us [...]

5 Tips for Half Year Review

So you're halfway through another year and wondering where has the time gone. Are you older and wiser or just older? Six months into your business year you should review where you’re at and look at ways to achieve your goals for the year. At our Physiotherapy clinics with Compass Physio we do this every quarter. So here are [...]

The Benefits of a New Client Welcome Pack

The Benefits of a Welcome Pack for your new Clients. So yesterday was father's day and I was treated to a lovely barbeque at the local golf club by my wife and 2 little girls. We arrived just after 1 pm and as we waited I was presented by the front of house with a very nice pack with [...]

Reasons to join a Business Support Group

Working as a an independent healthcare practitioner can sometimes be a lonely road. As a Chartered Physiotherapist in the Ireland I’m registered with a number of organisations in order to practice to the best of my ability. There’s the ISCP (Irish Society of Chartered Physiotherapist), CORU (State registration) and CPPP (Chartered Physiotherapist in Private Practice). Of all these organisations, [...]