Batching – A way to Increase your Productivity

Batching – A way to Increase your Productivity

Batching – How to become even more Productive

We are all super busy these days and life as a healthcare practitioner can sometimes be a constant cycle of chasing from one job list to another.

Sometimes upon reflection you realise that you have been running around and achieved very little

Here is how we use batching to help us at Practice Nav and our client become more productive

What is Batching?

Dedicating a set period of time to focus on one topic

Benefits of Batching

  • Can help to maximise concentration
  • Reduce Distractions
  • Increase Productivity

Too often we are drawn away from the focus of our attention by

  • Emails
  • Phone Calls
  • Soical Media!!!!
  • Texts
  • Shiny Objects

The research shows it can take over 10 minutes for our concentration to re focus after a distraction

What to do?

Plan Ahead. Lets plan and prioritise the tasks that need to be done.

Lets take marketing for example.

At the beginning of the week you can schedule for that week and indeed the weeks ahead a block of time (lets say 2 hours) to marketing.

This s protected time and your sole focus will be on marketing in that time.

Here at Practice Nav we use scripts within these time blocks to help hone the focus.

You could for example have 30 minute blocks

  • Facebook Material Creation and Scheduling
  • Mailchimp Campaign Creation
  • Video Recording with edits
  • Website content update

Upon review over the course of several months this leads to a gradual and distinct increase in productivity and consistency with content creation and marketing.

Exactly what facebook etc and your clients crave

A very simple blog this week that’s taken me just over 10 minutes to write and now ive got 15 minutes to create my video and post online via our automated systems…….

It really does work

As ever any questions please contact us

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