Basic Business Tips for CPD

Basic Business Tips for CPD

Continued Professional Development is very important in any profession. If you fail to improve on your existing set of skills then you will be left behind by your competition. Most healthcare professionals (the good ones) spend €1000s on improving their clinical skills, which in turn improves their knowledge and skills as a practitioner. However unlike the clinical aspect of their business, a lot of healthcare practitioners fail to develop their business skills. At PracticeNav we can help improve the systems you use which can prevent burnt out, being overworked, undervalued, small pensions and impact on family/self time. This blog is a follow on from Paddy’s blog on the same topic asking if you’re doing enough. Here are 5 tips to improve your business CPD skills

1/ Courses: There are numerous courses for business you can go on to improve your business skills. Some people are reluctant to spend money on courses, but like reading books I see it as an investment. Our latest course costs the equivalent of 2 clients! It’s a one off course and you get the benefit of using the skills and knowledge for the rest of your working life.

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2/ Read Books & Blogs: Knowledge is power, well if you read a book that won’t make you powerful, you have to implement what you read. There are 1000s of business books out there, with some focusing on healthcare. You’re not going to like everything you read but you may like 20% of what you read and by implementing it you could save yourself €100 a week and get an extra 2 hours free time. Start reading today

3/ Follow People: Anyone who has ever been successful is successful off the back of people who have already done something similar. If you follow successful business people and look at their habits, they will be able to help you. If you can get them to sit down for lunch with you then even better. Having a chat with someone who has done what you want to do is brilliant because they will help you avoid all the mistakes they made along the way to success.

4/ Join Business groups: As a Physiotherapist in Ireland I’m part of the following groups. Local Enterprise group in Castlecomer, Chartered Physiotherapist in Private Practice, PracticeNav… Tips to run your Healthcare Business. All of these groups allow me to ask business related questions and develop my business interest with the help of my peers. I also get the opportunity to help others develop their business skills which I’m very passionate about.

Other groups: BNI, Local Enterprise Board, Bx Potential

5/ YouTube: You tube is one of the greatest invention of the 21st century! There are no excuses for not having the ability to learn. However, there is some rubbish on there so be careful. If I have a technical problem with IT, it’s the first place I look to for a solution. It’s a brilliant learning tool for anything you’re interested in.

All of the above tips are easily accessible and don’t actually cost that much money. In my view I feel we should be spending the same on business courses as we are on clinical courses if you own your own clinic. See the cost as an investment rather than an expense. With an investment you get to use it over and over again, with an expense it’s a one off benefit.

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