6 Steps to Maximising your Reach on Facebook

6 Steps to Maximising your Reach on Facebook

Most of us will be aware of facebook Algorithms and how they are constantly being tweaked, so in this modern social media driven world the need to keep up to pace with these changes is vital for your business.

Facebook has had some seismic changes of late and they set about changing their focus again and highlighted that your news feed would now be taken up more with friends and family content rather than individual pieces of marketing material.

Useful Information on Facebook’s Algorithms

  • Facebook learns your habits and preferences. For example if you are someone who prefers not to engage with certain types of posts i.e. photos then facebook will learn this and serve your favoured style of posts to you
  • It ranks LIve videos as the highest. It will monitor the amount of interaction that each video gets in particular the amount of time spent watching the video, if there’s an interaction with the video, such as liking it, commenting etc.
  • Person to person interactions are the best and most rewarded

Facebook reach:

The amount of people that your post can reach for free by posting on your page

Priority would appear to be given to

  • Content that is liked or commented on
  • Content that gets lots of replies
  • Content shared over messenger

The most powerful elements to this are shares and comments as this involves the user being active and interacting with your post

So we need to engage people to get them to interact with our content or at least have a Call to Action

Should you pay to get your content out there?

The route facebook appears to be going down is continuing to reduce the organic reach of our posts. SO even if you have 1000 likes on your page it does not necessarily mean that there will be a surge of views or engagement each time you post.

It would appear facebook want us to work a little harder and in fact spend some money to get in front of our audience.

6 Steps to Maximising you Reach on Facebook;

  1. Facebook Live

Facebook users would appear to spend x 3 times more watching live content than standard video content. Start with the basics, be consistent, have material that is relevant and offers solutions to your target clients problems. Ask your followers for interactions.

  1. Be Clinical about what you post. Think regular and relevant rather than sharing irrelevant information 3- 4 times a day. The goal is to get regular and relevant content that promotes interaction.
  1. Spend time on content

Your page for the business is in theory a group of fans interested in you and your product. Facebook has now just made it a little bit more challenging to get them to buy from you. If you create regular content such as regular blogs and free e books they will grow in their trust of you, engage with your posts and ultimately purchase your service.

  1. Remind your followers that they can opt to see you posts first by
  • Going to your business page and clicking following on top of you page
  • Select see first
  • You immediately get priority on their feed
  1. Ask for help. You have a loyal following so with a percentage of your posts ask your followers to like, share and even comment on the post. This will ensure it gets priority and improve the engagement and reach
  1. Target when you boost your posts. Know your avatar for example female ages 25-40 who take part in sporting activities. This is still relatively broad but will allow you to target you ads and with a small daily amount you can monitor the reach and most importantly the end product which is the conversions.
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