50 Questions to ensure you don’t make the same mistakes again!

50 Questions to ensure you don’t make the same mistakes again!

At PracticeNav we deal with Physiotherapists, Chiropractors, Massage therapist, Osteopaths and a whole host of other healthcare professionals in business who all have similar problems in their business. Our job is to review what’s working well and modify what isn’t working. It’s only when you start to drill down into the systems and processes a business has that you can identify where the problems are. December is the perfect time of year to review what you’ve achieved in the last 12 months, what worked well and what didn’t go to plan. Set out below is a simple list of questions to start the process of reviewing your year. Take an hour to simply jot down some answers and a score beside each one. This is just an example you can personalise your list to suit your needs.

Measure: Here is a list of simple questions to ask yourself

  1. How many hours do I work in total on the business?
  2. What was the total in revenue from the business?
  3. What was the total expenses for the business?
  4. How much money is left over for me to take as a wage?
  5. When will I raise my prices to value my service?
  6. I’m I working too much?
  7. How is my general health?
  8. I’m I eating well and getting enough exercise?
  9. Where did my clients come from?
  10. What was my return on revenue for each marketing campaign I done?
  11. Do I need to get staff?
  12. Do I need to change my telecommunications provider?
  13. Do I need to change my banking provider?
  14. Do I need to get a card machine?
  15. Do I need to change my card machine supplier?
  16. How much cash did I handle this year?
  17. Can I change the way I process cash?
  18. Do I need to change my CRM?
  19. When is the last time I reviewed my client database?
  20. Can I destroy some old notes on file?
  21. Can I get my lease reviewed?
  22. Have I started a pension?
  23. Have I got income protection?
  24. Have I booked a holiday for next year?
  25. Do I need to get an online system?
  26. How good was my accountant this year?
  27. What CPD have I done this year?
  28. How do you prescribe exercises?
  29. What income came from product sales this year?
  30. What is my exit strategy?
  31. Do I want to sell the business?
  32. Do I need legal advice?
  33. Have I taken the FREE business health check with PracticeNav?
  34. What have you given back to the local community?
  35. Have you given any FREE Seminars?
  36. Have you read any education books?
  37. Have you listened to any podcasts?
  38. Do you need new equipment?
  39. Does your clinic need new signage or a general facelift?
  40. I’m I building an assets portfolio?
  41. Do I need to change my energy provider?
  42. Have I done any social media?
  43. Do I need to post a video online?
  44. Who do I know that can help my network?
  45. I’m I on linked in?
  46. Is my business on linked in?
  47. Do I need to get new uniforms?
  48. Do I need to stop procrastinating and spending too much time on nonsense?
  49. Do I need a career change?
  50. I’m I happy?

The above list is not finite… these are just some simple questions to ask yourself. You could give yourself a score out of 10 and then review it three months into the year. If you want to discuss your answers for FREE then take our FREE Business Health Check – Click Here

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Colin Phillips
Business Consultant