5 Tips to Improve your customer service

5 Tips to Improve your customer service

To run a profitable business you need to have customers, ideally repeat customers so you don’t have to spend much money on marketing. In order to get repeat customers, you have to look after them. Recently I went into a cafe and the waitress was a not nice (I couldn’t use the word I wanted to describe her), I received poor customer service and it felt like I was an inconvenience to her. I thought to myself, I’m drinking my coffee, leaving and never coming back again. I’m also going to moan to my friends about how crap the service was. On the other side of this, I had a washing machine delivered to my house and I completely forgot about the delivery. I was supposed to have disconnected the old machine so they could take it away for recycling. I got a call from my wife to say the washing machine man is here….!! However the guy was a legend and just disconnected it no hassle, even taking the time to make sure he didn’t make any mess. What did I do? I wrote a review on their website and google review. I became a raving fan for their business. So here are my 5 tips on how you can create excellent customer service within your business.

Environment: When you walk into a business you want to feel relaxed and comfortable, especially if it’s in relation to your health. Making sure your clinic is warm, friendly, easily accessible and staff are approachable makes a massive difference. Do your admin team ask the client how they are? Or do they just tell them to take a seat and continue texting their friends on their personal phone? Little things like this make a big difference to the ambiance of your clinic. Make people feel welcome at your clinic, you want them to come back!!

Personal life: I’ve worked in a lot of different clinics and with a lot of different people, I’m always amazed at what people tell their clients. Remember you’re the professional, if a client starts moaning to you about their personal life, it’s not an invitation for you to tell them your problems. They are paying you to listen to their problems, not the other way around, also it’s highly unprofessional (That’s just my view).

Added Value: If you have a client who comes in to see you on a regular basis and refers a lot of people to the clinic then you should reward them. A free product such as a heat pack or spikey ball always works great in this situation. Also if you have other therapies working with you then it may be worth offering a discount such as a 50% off massage or podiatry assessment! Why?? If they refer a lot of people then they are going to tell a lot of people where they get massage or heat packs from. They are becoming part of your marketing strategy.

Take an interest: I always try to remember client’s names but it’s hard. But I never forget a face, so I always try and associate two pieces of information with each face. So if I see them in the waiting room, I can always ask about the information I remember about them. For example, Patient X like to run and recently got married, when I see them in the waiting room I can say, how was the wedding or how is the training going?

Reward: At Compass Physio in Castlecomer and Tullyallen we like to offer our clients a free coffee and a 50% off treatment for the week of their birthday. It’s amazing how many appointments we generate from this simple automated email. Clients feel valued, we keep our staff busy and promote local businesses. Everyone wins.

So in summary to improve your customer service thinks about your environment, adding value/reward, take an interest and leave your personal life problems outside your business life.

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