5 Tips To Convert Phone Enquiries

5 Tips To Convert Phone Enquiries

How to convert Phone Enquiries

We work so hard to get people to the point where they pick up the phone to enquire about our services. They normally have intent and need us at this point.

Are you good at making sure they book in? Or do you have someone else who answers the phone and they don’t seem to get as many people booked in as you potentially would?

We should have a system in place to make sure that our conversion rate to appointments is as high as possible.

A lot of clinics miss out on this by

  • Not having a structured phone answering script
  • Not tracking conversion numbers

Getting this right is a quick win and will help you to increase your client numbers immediately.

When someone phones to enquire they want to

  • Validate that you can help them
  • Build an element of trust
  • Find a solution

So here’s 5 Tips to Get More Clients

  1. Guide them through the Process

Often people calling may be unsure of what exactly the services you offer or if indeed you can help them. Once you have ascertained the problem that they have, take the lead and advise them of the step by step journey that will get them back on track.

  1. Build Trust:

As a health professional we will often naturally enquire as to what the prospective client cannot do as a result of their problem. This is part of our thought process.

When we have an admin team their natural instinct may be do go for the more specifics of what time the client can attend the method of payment.

This is where we can lose out because the opportunity to find out the emotional driver that is making the client pick up the phone is not being tapped into.

The client is already on the pathway to building a relationship with us and is likely to be more trusting.

     3. Give the Client the Time:

Quite often we can be obsessed with time and very conscious if we we are on the phone more then a minute with a cient.

Sometimes unfortunately we might have a client in with us or there may be somone waiting in reception.

The potential new client deserves the time to express their concerns.

So if you cant take this time then you need

  • Front of house staff to so it or
  • Outsource your calls

If front of house has to spend 10 minutes on the phone but the client books in and they are arriving at the clinic feeling they are coming to a place that cares about them then that’s the outcome we want.

      4. Close the Booking:

I was guilty of this in the very early stages where i didn’t understand the client journey and I would finish a conversation with words like, sure have a think and let us know.

I would often think well I don’t want to be too pushy, the client will decide what’s best for them.

I now understand that are looking for a solution and want to be guided through the management pathway.

Any good salesperson will make you feel like the window of opportunity is closing now so using phrases like, what time of day can work for you to get your treatment started? Johns Diary is really busy but Ill see if I can we get you in there to secure the booking and get you on the path to recovery.

  1. Have A script:

I hear this mentioned a lot but rarely do we see it in practice with the clinics we work with. At Practice Nav.

Systems reduce the potential for a new front of house member who perhaps hasn’t got the knowledge base just yet of dealing with clients needs to ensure we get the booking.

With some of our Private Clients we offer support with scripts pertinent to their clinic but some of the key questions should be

Thank you for calling Practice Nav, This is Emma, How can I help you?

Have you been to our clinic before? This offers the opportunity to directly tie in with a clinician they know and trust

Is there anything in particular this is stopping you from doing? Helps us delve into the emotional driver to the client’s presenting problem?

Can I take your name, email and best contact number please? This is obviously important if a client is booking in but if not you could perhaps arrange a call back with a therapist for 5 minutes to allay fears. If not then you can follow up a couple of days later to check that they have found a solution to their problem

Systems like this, adhered to and done consistently, see results.

We would also recommend tracking your conversion numbers. A daily/weekly chart of how many new patient enquiries there were and how many booked in is a great way of auditing the effectiveness of what you are doing.

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Paddy Mulligan
Business Consultant