5 Tips for Recruiting Healthcare Staff

5 Tips for Recruiting Healthcare Staff

Business is good. Your lists are busy. Your struggling to get clients in when you want to so………………it’s time to recruit a new staff member.

Technically we use the figure of 70% capacity here at Practice Nav as the threshold to begin the recruitment process. As many of you know recruiting can be far from straight forward so we are going to share some of the processes we use to engage and recruit our staff.

Key Considerations:

  • Is your clinic ready to take on new staff? If you have reached the aforementioned 70% capacity with your list and month on month there is an increase in client numbers then you should commence the process.
  • Are you ready to manage people? Staff as most clinic owners can be one of the biggest challenges in your running of the business. So really consider whether you want to engage and spend the time working with staff to ensure they are successful for you and your business


5 Tips for Hiring HealthCare Staff:

  • Ensure that hiring staff is part of a structured business plan.

As with everything in business if its part of a structured process then we are far more likely to be successful.

Deciding one day that you want to take on another member of staff is great but is your business ready?

Does it fit into your growth strategy and the vision for your business.

Key considerations are:

  • Do you know your numbers? Lets keep it simple. Total Income v Total Outgoings. What are you left with at the end of the month? Can you take money out of the business or is cashflow crippling you?
  • Taking on a new member of staff and not being able to pay them is not a good reflection on you of your business


  1. Recruit Good People:

No one ever goes out to recruit someone who will damage their business or not be a good reflection of the clinic. Too often I see recruitment of staff being done out of need to plug gaps and the whole process is too swift leading to mistakes.

Hire slow and fire fast is an age old recruitment adage.

Key Considerations are:

  • What is the culture of your business? Do you have a culture? If its just you then you need to think about the environment you are bringing people into. Is it chaotic with manic attempts to squeeze clients in and the feeling of constantly chasing your tail.
  • Spend time with any candidates. It’s easy for healthcare practitioners to put on a show. It’s what we do with clients every day. So a one off interview isn’t always a true reflection.
  • I like to have a step by step process where by I meet any new potential staff for a coffee and a chat. I then get them to call into the clinic for a chat with the admin team (its amazing how much more relaxed people are when they arent chatting to the boss and what they say).
  • We then interview and follow up with a chat a few days later. By then they have a clear indication of what drives us. These multiple touch points invariably gives a gauge of the person, their motivation and if they would fit into your culture.
  1. You are not Hiring a Mini You. It’s about the new Team Member

The biggest error I see is that as Healthcare Practitioners we are constantly searching for minimes. You will struggle to find another you and if you do they will probably want to open their own business.

Key Consideration:

My biggest learning point as a practice owner and employer is focusing in on the PERSON.

  • Do they have a skill set that will compliment your team. They may have a subspecialty that will draw more business to you and your clinic
  • What are their experience levels and does this fit in with your requirements at this time. If they are a brand new graduate and you are a therapist with a speciality in a very niche area looking to reduce your list then this may not be the time to recruit them
  • Find out what motivates them. Is it learning, it is money, you would be surprised with the answers but it can really help you to develop the person knowing their drivers.
  • Make sure to do a practical element to the interview as well as bizarely this is often overlooked.


  1. Where is best to recruit new Therapists?

A common challenge we hear is that people struggle to recruit new therapists. Thankfully I have rarely had this issue and use the follow mediums to keep my flow of potential staff members primed

  • Never stop recruiting. We constantly advertise that we are recruiting. We invite people to send in Cvs and call in to see us. This way an ideal team member might appear and we can nurture that relationship until an appropriate role is available. We can invite them to CPD sessions, go for a coffee with them and just keep in touch.
  • Ask Current Staff Members. We hire good people and apparently your a par for the 5 people you surround yourself with most. Health Care Professionals tend to cluster together socially so asking your current staff to spread the word verbally and on social media can be a big help and has lead to most of my recruitments.
  • Form Links to local health science schools. As a student in my final year a business owner from New Zealand came in to speak to us about giving us a job in New Zealand. At the end of his talk those interested had to go and pitch themselves to him and would then be shortlisted for interviews. Now this was a bit extreme but it engaged us as new grads who were mouldable and keen to get working.
  • Linkedin. This for me is a great forum for building your profile. In the world of social media perception pays a huge part and organic and paid ads on Linkedin is a great way to get a reach to practitioners you may not have previously
  • Facebook Ads. This is another good way to engage potential staff members but it also helps to build perception of growth and success in you clinic. With a clear strategy and spend cap this can be useful but would not be my first port of call
  1. Look after Your Colleagues:

Don’t hire to fill a gap and just leave the therapist to crack on. So many do it and I have done it. Longer term it doesn’t tend to work out

I’ve learnt that engaging your staff has the below amongst other benefits:

  • Lead to more engaged staff who are more likely to follow your systems and processes
  • Portraya better image of your clinic to clients attending.
  • Lead to you having a great ambassador for your clinic outside of working hours
  • Assist with recruitment. When a friend/colleague of your existing staff member that you are going to interview contacts them to ask what is it like to work there and they rave about it then that will help with your recruitment policy!
  • Have a formal induction process. Have a checklist to work thorough clearly explaining the processes that you follow. Have this information in written and video format
  • Spend time with them regularly reviewing their KPIs and problem solving pateints.
  • Friday Focus 3. This is something I will speak about in the Live Video on our facebook page “Practice Nav: Tips to Run Your Clinic”. It really has helped me get more from my staff while I help them in both work and life.

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Paddy Mulligan
Business Consultant