5 Key Considerations for the Location of Your Clinic

5 Key Considerations for the Location of Your Clinic

Location, Location, Location

Well it’s not just a travel programme.

This week we will be looking at your clinic and the potential importance of several key factors in developing your business and making sure you have a steady flow of clients and enquiries.

Here at Practice Nav we work with a wide range of health professionals and see the benefits of procuring the right location for your business.

We know there is a wide range of practitioners out there ranging from the person who works in a room from their home to larger multi clinic model.

We have put together our 5 key considerations when looking at a potential location for your clinic

  1. Parking. People are lazy. They quite literally want to park outside the door. There is a pharmacist close to one of our clinics who has left the building that he owns (2,000 sq foot) to move 200m down the road to a similar sized space that he will now rent. The difference, a car park!

          When I asked him was it worth it, he said 100%

  1.   Footfall. The more people that pass your clinic space the more likely you are to get a walk in client booking. There are lots of other components such as signage, accessibility etc but if people are aware of your clinic because they pass it each day then you are more likely to get a booking.
  1. Road Frontage. Ground Floor on the main street. There is a reason that these spaces get the most rent because again it’s visible and convenient. People become aware of your business and brand and when they are need of your services it can help them to make the decision who to use to get them back on track.
  1. Proximity to Other Healthcare Practitioners such as Pharmacies and Doctors. Again the convenience factor. The Pharmacist recommends that you see a therapist and says there is one next door and you should nip in and make a booking. The member of the public does just that there and then. The alternative is it goes on their list of things that they never quite end up doing.
  1. Aesthetics. People judge you and your clinic before they even walk in the door.  Are the windows clean. Is the signage clear and fresh? Is the area around the clinic tidy?

Yes being an evidenced based quality practitioner is vital but you will be judged from the moment the client sees the building.

These all may seem like simple and obvious considerations but how many does your clinic have. Clinics can clearly function without some or indeed all of these but these are 5 of the biggest considerations that we have when reviewing clinics and the suitability of their location.

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Paddy Mulligan
Business Consultant

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