Are you Considering Your Clients Journey?

Are you Considering Your Clients Journey?

Are you considering your Clients Journey?


Here at Practice Nav we constantly strive to review our clients experience with us to make the clients journey the most engaging and compelling.


We constantly have to pause, reflect and review what a client experiences each time they contact and then attend our clinic.


Here is a sample client journey and the thread that runs through it is the multiple little things that make the clients journey a memorable one

Clients Journey:


Its Monday Morning. Its been a great weekend with the little ones communion and the craic on the bouncy castle was mighty.


You stand up out of bed and bang your back goes into spasm and you crumble in a heap on the floor.


After an hour you find a comfortable position on the floor with a hot water bottle as an allay.


Work meetings are cancelled


Your wife stays late to drop the kids off at school


You search with Dr Google for an answer and find your local healthcare clinic as you want go see a professional.


They have a blog about back pain


The simple tips on the blog do help to ease your pain a little.


The owner seems to have lots of qualifications


The reviews of the clinic are very good


You can book online as you really can’t face speaking to someone right now.


Its a long wait but its step in the right direction.


Your day is shaped around this appointment and you organise a lift to get there from your neighbour who regails you with the story of his friend who hurt their back and now uses a walking stick at 50!

You arrive at the clinic, parking outside, thank god.


Your on time but a nice lady from the clinic had phoned to say the therapist was running 10 minutes over.


At least they let me know and its not a problem at all, they must be super busy


You shuffle to the door and as you enter a pleasant lady asks you to take a seat or if your back is too sore to stay standing, they will be with you in 10 minutes.


How did she know it was my back?


She must have read the form that i filled in online before I came


As you wait you notice how clean the clinic is and it smells nice as well


Theres lots of certificates on the wall, they look professional


I feel like they will be able to help me here


But….will i need surgery, will I need to have an MRI, will I ever get better


30 minutes later……….


I have a diagnosis, just muscle spasm and it will likely settle in the next 7-10 days


I have an exercise which they are going to email me and I can then have my very own app to use!


Im booked in 3 times in the next 10 days but if that’s what it takes to get me right I would come everyday


And the lovely therapist phoned me the next day just to check that I was ok


Ive been telling everyone that would listen about these guys


The pain is still there, a lot less granted


But, I have people looking after me who I trust and will help me get back on track and help me work on preventing this coming back in the long term


Would this be a sample client from most people’s clinics?


There are so many touch points on this clients journey that makes it a memorable one.


Along this clients journey they went in search of a resolution for their “pain”

They interacted with/experienced the following

  • Website with potential SEO input
  • An active blog relevant to their pain
  • Authentication through the clinicians background expertise being available
  • Online Booking
  • Automatically generated google sheet gathering data pre appointment
  • Convenient access to the clinic
  • A pleasant personal greeting
  • A professional working environment
  • Clear diagnosis/education re th