3 Take Home Messages from Our Latest Course

3 Take Home Messages from Our Latest Course

Following of from another great Practice Nav event on Saturday 1st September this weeks blog is giving you a little overview of 3 of the key themes that appeared again and again in the conversation

They were

  1. Communication
  2. Transparency
  3. Consistency


  • Team Meetings. The importance of regular team meetings were reaffirmed from some of the more experienced clinicians in the group. They need to be set in the diary. They should not be cancelled at short notice or clients overbooked in this time.

ALL staff members should come prepared to contribute to each session.

  • CPD Sessions. Regular CPD sessions should be completed both for clinical development but also for working and growing understanding of the business. Again all staff should where possible contribute to ensure engagement.
  • Open Door Policy. Being an approachable leader open to suggestion will lead to a better work environment.


  • Clear Contract. The importance of a detailed contract reviewed by a legal entity was also emphasised. Members on the day spoke of positive and negative situations where when the finer details of a contract were reviewed. The contract should be discussed in detail with the potential employee to assist in ironing out any potential issues before they begin to fester.
  • Access to Invoicing. Staff members can carry out their own invoicing again reducing the admin time chasing information on whether payments were made.
  • Access for Lead Admin staff to Bank Account info. Lead admin staff should in busier clinics have access to bank information pertaining to the business with the power to carry out some or all transactions. This trust and delegation of duties will reduce the workload on the clinic owner.



  • Marketing time. Block booking of time each week to SPEND ON the business not in it. Again this is sacred time that cannot be booked over.
  • Communicating with database. Send regular, relevant information that adds value to your database. Start simply and remember who you are speaking to and it doesn’t have to be perfect.
  • Accountability Partner. Be it a mentor/coach/colleague even the boss needs someone to keep them accountable. If there is a target set and it isnt achieved or a job is isn’t done who keeps you on track?

These are just some of the many learning points from the course last weekend. Be sure to join us next time………

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Paddy Mulligan
Business Consultant