3 Take Home Messages from our latest Course that WILL help your business

3 Take Home Messages from our latest Course that WILL help your business

Following of from another great Practice Nav event on Saturday 26th January this weeks blog is giving you a little overview of 3 of the key themes that appeared again and again in the conversation

They were

  1. Know your Ideal Client
  2. Planning reaps the rewards
  3. Consistency

Know Your Ideal Client:

  • You simply must know your ideal client/Avatar. An in depth knowledge of their age, interests, struggles, places they like to go and things they like to do will give you a valuable insight and powerful start when it comes to marketing to them effectively
  • No more scattergun, I treat everybody approach.
  • Focus on getting the clients you want into your clinic. The reliable ones that you enjoy treating and that pay up front and attend regularly.
  • Remember you own and run the business, it does not dictate to you what it wants

Planning Reaps the Rewards

  • Do you have a marketing plan for the next week, month or year? Too many of us as Health Care Practitioners are reactive in our social media posting with bouts of activity for 2-3 days and then nothing for periods of time. Formulate a plan and stick to it
  • Our suggestion is to pick
  • 1-2 Major events each month and focus the marketing around this
  • Do not try and sell with each post. Educate and engage your audience as you build up trust
  • We use a weekly schedule here at Compass Physio with a blog, live video and a treatment of the week as key elements we offer up to our audience


  • Marketing time. Block booking of time each week to SPEND ON the business not in it. Again this is sacred time that cannot be booked over.
  • Communicating with database. Send regular, relevant information that adds value to your database. Start simply and remember who you are speaking to and it doesn’t have to be perfect.
  • Accountability Partner. Be it a mentor/coach/colleague even the boss needs someone to keep them accountable. If there is a target set and it isn’t achieved or a job is isn’t done who keeps you on track?

These are just some of the many learning points from the course last weekend. Be sure to join us next time………

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Paddy Mulligan
Business Consultant

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