Why you should say NO more often

NO.jpgAs healthcare professionals, we like to please people, otherwise we wouldn’t be in this profession. However, this need to please people can come at the expense of our own needs and the needs of our business. I do think it’s great to be involved in lots of different business activities and ventures, but sometimes they take up too much time. This time comes at the expense of working on your core business and your down time. Fair enough, if you’ve got time to spare and your financially secure for life, but most of us have a set number of hours we work a week. I believe our down time is as important as our work time.  So, I want to give you examples of how and when to say NO and the benefits of doing so.

  • Can you help out at the local football team twice a week at half your normal pay rate?
    Thanks for the offer but I can’t commit to that now as I work late on those evenings in the clinic and will end up loosing money. I’m more than happy to see your players at my clinic and I can arrange someone to do first aid your games.
  • Can you come and see my mother at her house in the country?
    Thank you for thinking of me, but I don’t have the time to see people off site. I’m more than happy to refer you to a community Physio in the area or I can arrange for a local taxi company to collect her to and from the clinic. We will achieve more with her rehab at the clinic location.
  • Can you see me this Saturday?
    Sorry I can’t unfortunately we don’t open the clinic on Saturday, however it may be something we are looking to do in the future providing we get more staff onboard. However I do work late on a Monday and Thursday night.
  • Can you give me a discount?
    I’d love to be able to treat everyone for free, but we are already very competitive with our prices. The “Whatever your organisation is” advise it’s members to charge appropriately for services. If we do not we are just undervaluing our service. Also we need to pay our staff competitive rates in order to maintain our high standards of care.
  • Can you sponsor the local event/team/charity?
    I’d love to help you out but unfortunately as a new business starting out I just don’t have the funds to give you money. However, I can offer you a free voucher for a 30 minute appointment worth €50. (This way you are still supporting the event and also generating a lead that you can convert after the initial visit)

Saying NO to some things will help you focus more on the important things within your business that help to generate income. This in turn will lead to a better work/life balance. If you want to find out more or ask a question, then please join our group on facebook – click here. To find out what the important things in your business are and maximise your work/life balance for the future and get more free time, then speak to PracticeNav via email info@practicenav.com or take our Free business audit to find how we can help.

Colin Phillips
Business Consultant

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