Do you learn from your hiring mistakes?

matthew-sleeper-115697So, I’ve been thinking about learning from my mistakes recently and wondering why I don’t do it more often. In a clinic I was involved in, I made the mistake of hiring someone too quickly, without proper consideration. I was in a position where I needed someone to cover a clinic quickly, as a second site was opening and needed staffing as well. It turned out to be tough work, the clinician required constant support and was not a team player. Hours of supervision and guidance were provided over an eight month period, but in the end it just wasn’t working, so the contract ended. This happened to me again (it didn’t happen to me, I chose to put myself in the situation), with one of the clinics I look after. We were expecting too much too soon with not enough experience. Again the contract ended (on good terms), so this is what have I learnt from the situation….

Don’t rush: In trying to fix something quickly, we may cause more damage than good. Hiring the wrong person can create more work rather than helping with the work load, leaving you with little energy for your clients, family and friends. This also goes for people you currently have on your team, if they are taking up 80% of your time and bringing in 20% revenue, then cut them loose. In the long run it will be better for all parties.

Be patient: You may need to advertise 3-4 times before you get that perfect candidate (who may need work). So don’t just fill the post for the sake of filling it. When you do find the perfect candidate, have your offer and contract ready to go, if they’re a good candidate other people will be looking for them too. If you want an experienced clinician, then don’t hire a new grad!

Check references: Well that obvious… you’d be surprised! I’m amazed at how many people, don’t properly check references. Remember it’s your responsibility if it’s your business. If they suggest they had a difficult time with their previous boss, then talk to their previous boss. If they don’t give you a reference for their current place of work, find out why. It may save you a lot of hassle.

Plan long term: Why are you hiring? Do you intend to offer them full time work, profit share, part ownership or potentially sell them your business? Hiring the right person can mean as much as over €50k (40 clients x €55 x 46 wks = 101200) per year in a well run clinic. Spread that over 10 years with proper planning, then it’s half a million!

Affordability: Can you afford to employ someone? If they are not seeing the numbers you’d expect in the first 3 months, how long will you keep them on. The first rule of owning a business is paying yourself, otherwise it’s just a hobby (a bad one at that). If you’re paying your staff more than yourself, then you need to make some adjustments. Tip – always include a probationary period in an employment contract and set clear Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) – example 30 clients per week after three months.

If you have read this far and you’re thinking of a staff member as you’re reading it, then that’s your brain telling you to end the contract or relationship. Make some positive changes for your business today. To find out how to hire better staff for your business and get more free time then speak to PracticeNav via email or take our Free business audit to find how we can help.

Colin Phillips
Business Consultant

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