Why is signage so important?

Why is signage so important? Simple answer is that it creates business through brand awareness. I was at my new clinic in Castlecomer, Co Kilkenny www.compassphysio.ie  for 4 months before I got my sign organised for outside my clinic. The sign is located on a busy road in the town. In the first week alone we got five enquires from the sign (we know this because we ask people how they hear about the clinic) and converted three of them. The sign cost about €300 to put up and paid for itself after two weeks. I imagine the sign will last at least two years with a huge Return On Investment (ROI). Following this I got my car wrapped in signage which cost €400. The response to this was fantastic, people are aware I’m in the town, I park in different locations throughout the town to gain as much exposure as possible. So here are some reasons as to why you should invest in decent signage.

Long Lasting: Most signage will last 2-3 years depending on the type and design. Even if you only get a simple A frame for outside your clinic (may need council approval) it creates more exposure. It’s amazing how many people don’t realise where your clinic is when you think it’s obvious. A sign will gain more exposure than any social media post if put in the correct location.

Rebrand: How old is your logo and branding? Do you have logo or branding? If not, it may be time to invest. Having a brand or logo that people associate your service with is very important. When people see your brand they subconsciously question if they need your service or if they know anyone else that does. If you don’t have a brand then they won’t see it!

Mobile: I travel a lot in my car, which has become a mobile advertising board for me. It’s amazing when you’re stuck in traffic watching people look at your car and I even seen someone taking a picture. Having your logo on your car ensures maximum exposure whenever you’re driving. (Please note you need to keep your car and driving skills in top order as it’s a representation of your clinic)

Versatile: Signage can be anything from clothing, cars, A frames, pens, caps, headed paper etc. Once you get your branding and message right then you can apply it across all forms of signage. However I would always seek professional advice when designing your logo for the first time.    

If you have good signage at your clinic your business will gain more exposure. More exposure will bring more leads. At PracticeNav we have all the information and know how to develop good signage systems to suit your business. Take our Online Audit which gives you instant results, or you can contact PracticeNav via email on info@practicenav.com to find how we can help. Feel free to ask any questions in relation to this.

Colin Phillips
Business Consultant

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