Healthcare clinic marketing action plan


So my last topic discussed a free marketing plan for healthcare clinics. In this blog we will discuss a couple of simple tips to help you implement this plan and make your marketing more time efficient and cost effective. I’ve recently heard some of my colleagues in the Physio world discuss how “quiet” it is in their clinics. This can happen during certain times of the year, but look at what you’re doing in your “quiet” time, are you implementing your marketing plan and aiming for the year ahead? Or are you wasting time on social media i.e. posting non original content to see if “likes” miraculously turn into profit. Being busy is easy, being productive takes planning. So let’s talk about the marketing plan from the last session.

Mailchimp – If you’re using a software package such as cliniko it integrates very well with mailchimp and you can set automatic emails to contact patients after their last appointment. This is a one time setup and then it continues until you change it, plus clients love to hear from you to see how they are managing.

Facebook – Does your system allow you to book online through facebook? (cliniko does) If not then I strongly recommend you change it. Posting regular original video content on facebook (under 60 secs – attention spans are very short on social media) and boosting the post for €10 or however much you may want to spend can help attract new clients. With all of these things, it’s try it and see which suits your business best, but I guarantee if done consistently and targeting a specific audience you will start to fill your appointment diary.

Letters – Send introduction letters to all health professionals in the area who may be able to cross refer clients to see you. Then follow it up with a phone call to arrange a meeting and discuss how you can benefit each others clients.

Classes/Seminars – Talk to local clubs and gyms about doing seminars at their location. Also anyone who attends can provide their email address and have the option to secure an appointment at the event – online booking.

Signage – Be seen, stand outside your clinic today, does it catch your attention or do you need a new sign and some paintwork? People notice change, so invest in a new sign. I’m investing €500 in my new sign, you may think it’s a lot of money but if I get three clients that come to my clinic four times, then it’s paid for itself.

Google – I’m doing a lot of experimenting with Google Adwords Express at the moment and for €25 per month per advert, I’m starting to see the benefit. New clients are finding my clinic online through google searching. It’s very easy to set up.

Patient Referrals – Word of mouth is great but it needs to be measured so you can reward the people who send you the most amount of clients. I do a draw at the end of the month for anyone who has referred new clients to the clinic and provide a small gift or voucher as gratitude.

As I previously said a lack of money is no excuse for a poor marketing plan, most of it’s free! If you’re still struggling with marketing and feel it’s overwhelming you then get help otherwise nothing will change. At PracticeNav we can help with all of the above tips. Take our Online Audit which gives you instant results. This can help build your business in order to progress to the next steps in your exit strategy. Contact PracticeNav via email on or take our Free business audit to find how we can help. Feel free to ask any questions in relation to this.

Colin Phillips
Business Consultant

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