How to switch off after work


Do you bring your work home with you or find it difficult to switch off after work ? As a small business owner you may be…worrying about loans, clients, to do lists etc… trust me I’ve been there. There’s a fine line between keeping on top of things in your business and letting it go to down the drain. If you’re checking emails on a Saturday night or answering calls on a Sunday then I think you need to put some strategies in place to get a better work life balance. Here are my top 5 tips to help you achieve this.

  1. Outsource – I’ve said it before and I can’t emphasise it enough. Get someone else to do the tasks you hate doing, from inputting expenses, ordering stock, checking for cheapest stock, marketing, editing your blog etc. I use a virtual assistant from upwork who I delegate all my simple tasks to. It’s the best money I spend all week and gives me more time with my family and growing my business.
  2. Divert – Set your work phone or mobile to divert after work closes (evenings and weekends), if your clients are in a bad way there’re hospitals to deal with such issues. Also set up an autoresponder on your emails or  better still don’t check your emails after work finishes. My rule for responding contact is, email returns within 24 hours and phone calls within 4.
  3. Reading/Box Set – So you’ve had a tough week in work, chill out with a box set or read a good book. Do not read a business book after work or it will wire your brain for ideas at work (that’s what happens to me anyway) and it’s probably not advisable to stay up all night watching four box set episodes in a row.
  4. Family – The two most important things in my life are family and health. Businesses will come and go, you can only enjoy your family for a set amount of time. So take time to spend with your family and be “present”(not checking work emails on your phone). Your business or office will still be there when you open in up on a Monday, one day you’ll go home and your partner or children may have moved on!!
  5. Exercise – As I said the 2nd most important thing is health and part of being healthy is about getting regular exercises and eating well. I’m not an expert in either of these topics but anyone with common sense knows that we need to exercise to maintain a healthy lifestyle. A healthy body leads to a healthy mind. So get your trainers on and go for a walk, swim or climb a mountain – better still do it with a family member.

So start today by implementing at least one of the above tips, you’ll have more time with your family and it will help your business grow. To find out how PracticeNav can help you switch off after work take our Online Audit which gives you instant results. This can help build consistency within your business procedures. Contact PracticeNav via email on or take our Free business audit to find how we can help.

Colin Phillips
Business Consultant


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