Holidays in healthcare business

Devils Pool – Victoria Falls Zambia Dec 2009

At the moment I am in Zambia doing some volunteer work and then plan to climb Kilimanjaro at the beginning of August. How many weeks holidays have you had this year? By holiday I mean turn your phone off and don’t worry about checking emails for your business or taking calls. As much as we all love our profession it’s really important to take a break and recharge.

Running my own healthcare business in Australia and having family overseas ensured that I took 4-5 weeks holidays every year. This meant that I needed to have my business in order before I went on honeymoon or holidays. When I was on holiday in Ireland there wasn’t much I could do for a faulty printer or an upset client. I had to have good systems in place to deal with these things. So in order to get more holidays I suggest the following regardless whether you’re a big practice or small operator.

Plan: You are not going to go away unless you book anything or block time off, it’s as simple as that. You don’t actually have to go away anywhere, just taking time off from your business can give your body and mind the break they require to function on top form again. So stop complaining about not going on holiday and book one!

Delegate: If you have good staff , good systems and a support team in place then you should be able to ask them to run your business. Outsourcing basic tasks can make it easier to go on holiday or take a break from your business.

Raise your prices: This always gets people talking…. I can’t raise my prices, people won’t come and see me if I raise my prices, etc. Raising your prices ensures you can have at least 4 weeks unpaid leave per year, you don’t have to raise them by that much, only 4%, see the example below. It’s based on the assumption that you are currently working 50 weeks a year and your expenses for a wage and running the business are 1000/week (I understand this is not the case but it’s just an example to show you where I got 4 %). If you charge 1040/week you will make the same amount per year to have 4 weeks holidays.

Weekly Amt $/£/€ Weeks Total $/£/€
1000 50 (2 weeks Holidays) 50000
1040 48 (4 weeks Holidays) 50000

In my humble opinion I feel there is more to life than working, so make some changes today and plan for your holidays. If you have a good client base and systems in place then people will understand and be waiting for you on your return. So to find out how to plan for more free time then speak to PracticeNav via email or take our Free business audit to find how we can help. Also feel free to share your experience of going on holidays and how it changed your mindset on your return

Colin Phillips
Business Consultant


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