See what your clients see

TelescopeHave you ever booked an appointment in your own business and sat in the waiting room? It may sound like a very weird thing to do, however you can learn a lot from this by experiencing what your clients experience when using your service. To ensure your clients have an excellent experience when visiting your business you need to ensure you understand it from their point of view. I’ve done this over the years in the different business I’ve been involved in and it’s amazing how much you pick up each time you do it.

Ways to check what your business looks like from a client’s point of view

  • Phone: Get someone to phone your business on your behalf to see how your receptionist answers the phone. Also check what your voicemail message is – this is often overlooked when changing things in a business.
  • Search Engines: How easy is your business to find you online? Try to find your business online, ensure all the links to your site work on your website and your phone number is up to date on the google search.
  • On site: Go and sit (or get someone else to do it on your behalf)  in your waiting room for appointment. What can you see or do? Are the signs at the front desk out of date? Do you have something decent to read? Is the receptionist engaging? Is the service provider running on time? How easy was it to make payment? Did they offer to rebook for your next appointment? Did they ensure all your details are up to date?
  • Email: Send an email to a staff member as a client, how long do they take to respond? Do they have a professional signature at the bottom? Do they have a link to book online? Do they actually have their own business email address for the company?
  • Social Media: When is the last time you updated your social media pages? Does your facebook page have the right email, phone number and address? Are your facebook posts linked to twitter? Do you have any social media accounts – if not click here
  • Follow up: Do your employees follow up with what they say they will do? Have you a way of checking? Do you send follow up emails post service? Do you phone the day after an initial appointment?

Getting the clients point of view is a fantastic way to improve your service. I would also recommend using monkey survey to create a simple questionnaire for your clients about their experience at your business. This way you can use this information to improve your service. To find out how PracticeNav can improve your client’s experience take our Online Audit which gives you instant results. This can help identify your goals and systematise your business. Contact PracticeNav via email or take our Free business audit to find how we can help. Also feel free to share your experience of getting your client’s point of view and how you improved your business.

Colin Phillips
Business Consultant

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