No more paper files

No more paper filesDo your clients take forever to fill in paperwork? Is their handwriting illegible? We have the solution – how great would it be to have no paper to deal with when treating new clients. By combining Google forms, excel, mailchimp automation and cliniko we can achieve an online paper registration form. The form can be made to suit any style of practice and be as simple or as detailed as you like.

Here is how it works

  • The patient makes an appointment online or over the phone – they/you enter their email address in Cliniko
  • Following this, an automatic email with the new patient reg form is sent to their email address
  • The client fills in the online form and it automatically gets sent back to the clinics nominated email address as a PDF file
  • This form is then uploaded to the client’s file and all details are entered in the system
  • The client comes into your clinic ready to go and doesn’t have to do any paperwork

This system helps to reduce paperwork and saves time for both the client and the service provider. If you feel like you’re business could benefit from such a system, PracticeNav can help. We can develop a system to suit your business. Email or take our Free business audit to find out more. Also feel free to share your experience of how going paperless improved your business.

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