The power of uniforms and name badges

File_000 (1)People working in their own private clinic may think this is overkill but you’re missing out on a massive marketing opportunity unless you have name uniforms and name badges for all staff.  All of my former colleagues will agree that this is something I was very pedantic about (that and much more), sometimes to the point of obsessive. However when a staff member showed up in work not wearing their name badge or uniform, new patients in the waiting room didn’t know who they were. This confuses the patient if everyone else is wearing uniforms and name badges. They may be thinking “does this person actually work here” or “is this person a trainee”. So here are some reasons to wear a uniform and name badge in work

Advantages of uniforms

  • Promotes your brand: If your staff members wear their uniforms when in the workplace all your clients will know everyone is on the same team. We had different services on the back of our uniforms, massage, physio, pilates. Often patients only asked about these services when they seen it on our uniforms.
  • Free advertising: If your staff member goes out for lunch or coffee people will see the uniform, recognise your brand and services you offer. It’s an easy way to start a conversation with the general public to promote your business and it’s always good to have your business cards handy
  • Save staff money: Staff no longer have to worry about what clothes to buy for work or what to wear. Depending on your country and tax laws it can be an advantage to purchase uniforms for your staff as this is seen as an asset.
  • Promotes team culture: When wearing a uniform people have a sense of pride and responsibility for wear they work providing you run a successful company. This can convert employees into brand ambassadors outside of the work place. It also promotes team spirit and a sense of belonging.
  • Event promotion: When attending promotional events you can wear your uniform to advertise your business at swimming carnivals, field days, community events, etc.

Advantages of name badges

  • Approachability: From the moment your employee meets their client they know exactly who they are dealing with. For example “Conor – Physio”, the patient knows that they are dealing with Conor and he is a physio – I’m in the right place!
  • Professionalism: Wearing a name badge effectively communicates that you are serious about your role, and take pride in your position within the organisation.
  • Branding: Wearing a name badge with the person’s name, position and company logo reinforces the brand of the company. If they go for coffee in the local town they can easily strike up a conversation with someone in the shop. “oh you’re a physio – I need a physio. Where do you work?”
  • Identification: New staff in your business  can easily identify other staff members. It also helps with inclusion and makes it easier for clients to remember new staff members names.

So take the time to focus on your brand and how you can develop it into a walking/running marketing campaign for your company. Your ROI is easily measured when you ask clients to identify how they found your company during their initial consultation.  To find out how PracticeNav can help please email or take our Free business audit. Also feel free to share your experience of wearing uniforms or name badges helped your business.

Colin Phillips
Business Consultant


  1. […] As a healthcare clinic owner, I cannot stress enough the importance of doing business locally. Most clients for healthcare clinics will travel less than an hour for an appointment, therefore it makes sense that you do most of your business within an hour radius of your clinic. Obviously this is variable depending on how densely populated the area you do business in. Since moving home to my local community and setting up my new Physiotherapy clinic I’ve got involved in as much local activity as possible. I’m baffled as to why more people don’t get involved in their community and support their local businesses. Now you may say hangon Colin, you’re always preaching about outsourcing to virtual assistants overseas. I agree with this for certain tasks but there are ways to also give back. For example if you need a haircut – go to your local hairdresser, if you want a coffee – go to your local cafe, if you want office paper – go to your local book store. You’ll be surprised who you’ll meet and maybe, just maybe you might pick up some new clients if you apply some of the principles from my blog on uniform and name badges. […]


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