5 tips – Improve your professionalism

Are u Prof

You have a great business, location and the perfect team or you’re just in the startup phase of your business either way maintaining a professional reputation is vital. Here are 5 tips to improve your sense of professionalism, don’t worry you can still be yourself (which is very important)! The best part about this advice is you don’t have to spend any money, just change your habits. I guarantee it will improve your customer service and in turn improve your service and reputation.

  1. Be on Time – This is pretty simple, if you arrange a time for an appointment with someone, you should be ready and waiting. If you find yourself always running late then start putting gaps between your appointments or get better at wrapping up conversations. As far as I’m concerned running late or missing an appointment is a big insult to the person who has taken the time out of their schedule to arrive on time. If you are struggling to wrap up consultations – set an alarm on your phone.
  2. Follow up – If following a meeting you advised your client or supplier that you will follow up or send an email then do it. It’s embarrassing if the person has to come looking for that information again. With regards to following up on clients, this can be done through proper automation of your systems and database. Set aside some time each week to follow up on tasks you advised clients you will do.
  3. Don’t Complain – If a client starts to complain to you about their personal life this is not an invitation to exchange war stories. Your clients are at your business for a professional service not to hear about how tired, hungry or broke you are. Also just because you have a passion for something this is not an invitation to push this passion onto your clients, if they ask about it then by all means share it, but remember why they are at your business premises.
  4. Go above and beyond – Simple things make a big difference in the healthcare industry. If you are referring someone for further investigation or back to their GP, offer to make the appointment for them (delegate to your admin team, if you have one). If your client is thirsty after a service you provide, offer to get them some water while you wait for them out at reception or order their taxi if they need one, people remember the small gestures.
  5. Personal boundaries – This goes without saying but it’s always good to be clear. In the health care and beauty industry service providers treat clients in a one on one setting and in some instances hands on treatment. Be sure that you as the service provider and your client are comfortable in this situation. Explain exactly what you are going to do in your treatment/service and ensure you have the client’s consent. If you are not comfortable refer the client to another practitioner with a letter explaining why.

To find out how PracticeNav can help you and your team become more professional please email info@practicenav.com or take our Free business audit. Also feel free to share your tips on being the ultimate professional in your business.

Colin Phillips
Business Consultant

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