Rewarding good clients and staff

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You return from a well deserved holiday and your staff have kept the ship running with no problems, no complaints from clients and no one has phoned you in relation to the business while you were overseas. An opportunity like this is a simple way to show your personal appreciation to staff and clients, built loyalty and reward a well performing individual or team.

When I had my own healthcare business I always had a stash of cinema tickets and a case of wine (not for consumption on the premises) for rewards for staff. If one of my staff members went above and beyond their normal duties and responsibilities I would reward them with a simple gift. Giving a gift is a way to acknowledge a job well done and also reinforce the behaviour when staff go above and beyond. Also don’t shy away from a good christmas party or group meal out at least every 6 months to help team building and group dynamics within the workplace. 

Rewarding clients, who refer their friends and family to your business, is one of the best ways to build business. However, you need to be able to keep a record of who referred whom, this means having good systems in place. Otherwise you will not be able to keep a record and reward the clients. We did a monthly draw for anyone who referred a client to the business. The winner generally received a free massage or cinema tickets. If you referred 3 or more clients you automatically received a massage.

Rewards for staff

  • Get them a coffee
  • Take them out for lunch (also give you a chance to discuss business opportunities)
  • Bottle of wine
  • Cinema tickets

Rewards for clients 

  • Cinema tickets
  • Free massage
  • Free initial 15 min consult to pass onto their friends
  • Free treatment – Only if they are a serious referrer to your business, otherwise you are devaluing your service

To find out how PracticeNav can help identify appropriate rewards for staff and clients  please email or take our Free business audit. Also feel free to share your experience of rewarding staff and clients that helped your business.

Colin Phillips
Business Consultant

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